Thursday 22 December 2022

Rogue Trader Land Raider Prototype

So you know how Rogue Trader is an incredible gold mine full of weird nuggets to dig up right ? It's facsinating to see all the seeds of modern 40k in tis venerable tome. Now there's a model that's reached an iconic status and it's the Land Raider. Unfortunately it's not an easy one to get your hands on unless you're willing to spend a fortune.
Now the magic of life is having talented friends, I happen to have plenty of those and amongst them is Curis from Ninjabread, who sculpted the most excellent Röknauts and who decided he needed to give life to one very specific Land Raider pattern.

Monday 14 November 2022

Chaos Space marine Great banner


Hi everyone ! Long time since last time heh ? Well I've been busy moving house so getting some hobby time and a proper desk has taken a while but all worth it !

I've decided that moving house was going to be the opportunity to move on and following the choixe to clear my desk as much as possible, I've decided to finish some projects that have had way too much desk time !
This one is probably one of the most iconic cases since it's already undergone 2 house moves. This project was started a bit before the 28mag Ian Miller project and although I was very into it during conversion and building, I stalled at the painting phase, not knowing where I wanted to go.

Tuesday 4 October 2022

Giant wyrms and worms !

Now I've been slowly preparing myself for a big Stargrave campaign and amongst all the things I need is a list of critters and monsters to get some fun random encounters. So a little while ago, I made a selection of the sort of creatures I wanted to have crawling in the ground and popping right under my characters' nose !

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Sláine - Kiss my axe !


Hey everyone !

Today's entry is a litle breal from painting 22 models at a time ! I was recently on holidays in Ireland and had the opportunity to meet some dear friends of mine, I'm not going to tell you about how wonderful the country was but one unexpected bonus was coming back with a model of Sláine, eponymous hero of one of the comics from my youth (I even had a pair of yellow tartan cargo shorts).

Sunday 18 September 2022

Gretchins and grots - Early Orktober !


Hey everyone ! With Orctober approaching and a new (and hopefully final house move) house move with it, I thought I'd get some green skins done before everything's packed !
Actually what decided me to do that was an "Army on Parade" sort of event held at my FLGS in orctober where I can submit old models as long as I get a fresh unit done for the event !

Thursday 1 September 2022

Space Hulk Genestealers

Hey all ! So earlier this year, I had the chance to score a 3rd edition Space Hulk box for a reasonable price (I wanted a 4th ed of course but I kind like my kidneys where they are) only missing a genestealer and otherwise in pretty good condition. Now as the kids (we have 4 at home) and I love playing boardgames, I thought Space Hulk HAD to be the entry point for miniatures games with them right ?

Sunday 28 August 2022

Goresqualor the chosen of Nurgle


Hey all, Summer isn't the best painting season for many of us but I still managed to get back behind the brushes to finish this guy I had first started as a member of my Forbidden Psalms band.

Friday 29 July 2022

The watchers of the Chaos wastes - Forbidden Psalm

Hey all, so amongst the many lovely games we've seen blossom, I had the pleasure to play some Mork Borg with friends earlier this year. Now Mork Borg being a RPG, KRD Designs have offered us a declination of it for skirmish games set in the same universe and mindset.
The entry force is pretty easy, 5 models so it's really a question of picking 5 models that look suitably, grotesque, horrifying, weird or just cool and here you go.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Rogue Trader Khorne Renegades

Hey everyone ! Now I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in the northern hemisphere but temperatures here are not the most painter friendly at the moment right ? They're not paint friendly either but I had a WE on my own and felt like making the best of it so put 10 hours of historical podcast (unusual for me) and just went through the motions.

Friday 8 July 2022

The Mines of Karak Ture


So on the last WE of June, a group of friend and I were able to resume our ongoing campaign of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay ! If you haven't or don't remember much of it, you might want to read the first episode HERE.
Just like everyone on earth, Covid, world chaos and all sorts of non sense have postponed many games andhobby events so after our last game in 2020 it was an absolute blast to get the band back together to continue our adventure where we had left it !
To celebrate this we decided to dress up accordingly so here are our players :
Tauron (elf), Moyra (Elf), Ungrim (dwarf), Torbure (dwarf), Ced (Game master) and Gregor (human, also me)

missing Harandil our mage who was positive with Covid and had to  play via visio the whole week-end, the hero.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Space dwarves from Lafig miniatures

Hey everyone, A quickie today, I recently had the opportunity to paint some space dwarves from the ongoing Lafig Miniatures Kickstarter (check it HERE), Lafig Miniatures are creating a new set of oldschool models but with modern means.

Those were sculpted by Frank Adam in Green Stuff like any old school model is but they were then scanned and printed (with a little CAD to enhance them further) and then printed in the highest quality

Thursday 23 June 2022

Original Space Hulk plastic Terminator

Hey all, just a quick one today, you might have sensed an interest for Space Hulk from my part over time and a little while ago, there's been a paintig challenge on a Space Hulk page on Facebook (how boomer is that ?) to paint one of the original plastic terminators.
And I realised I had never painted one of those monopose monstrosities ! Well only one way to fix that I guess !

Friday 17 June 2022

The Adeptus Painticus

Hey, so here's my second entry for the Gary MOrley challenge on the oldhammer facebook page. The Adeptus Painticus ! Honestly, how's that not the best model to enter for a painting challenge ?

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Le Chevalier Ermite de Malmont

Hey all ! So today I'm bringing you one special model !
The chevalier Ermite de Malmont is one of those hobby grails (no pun, almost) for many, an iconic sculpt, not easy to source and therefore quite desirable. "Stop bragging JB, you got one, OK don't rub it into our face !"
Not quite.
The model has been sent to me by a nice friend for me to paint as payment for some models. I would argue that painting a beauty like that is a reward in itself but so was the deal. Of course, with the million projects in progress in my head and on my desk, it took me quite a while to get onto it but since I launched a paintig contest focused on the work of Gary Morley this month on the Oldhammer facebook page, I thought I'd use the opportunity to paint it !

Thursday 19 May 2022

Ork Nobz in 'Eavy Armour (Or Mega-armour or whatever)

Nobz are the bestest boyz of any waaagh, they're big, mean and are probably the closest thing you can find in ork culture to a concept of reliability.
That's why any good benevolent ork boss would want them protected in the best armour possible. It's also why the meanest malevolent ork boss would want those in the best armour possible.

Monday 16 May 2022

Rogue Trader Space Marines -Scythes of the Emperor

Hey everyone ! We have something that takes back a bit today with reinforcements for my scythes of the Emperor ! You might recall I had painted all the terminator variants I could need for Space Hulk and had found some closure in that although I could have painted some scouts...
Well looks like the scouts are a little late and I painted 10 marines and a Dreadnought instead !
I have a huge interest in Space HUlk at the moment because I have the oal to play it with the kids soon so I'd rather have options.
Painting beakies might also be my contradictive response to the release of  (and I'm not a Horus Heresy fan) the new Horus Heresy boxset with all sort sof cool models.
ANYWAY, painted models are good models right ?

Monday 2 May 2022

Röknauts Space Dwarves

Hey everyone ! I was lucky to get my hands on a set of Ontos Games Röknauts lately as their Kickstarter is running ! The project has funded in 5 minutes without a surprise !
Now I have a fondness for all the fun niche bits of the 40k verse like every other fan and Curis has poured a tremendous amount of love into making some of these concepts tangible with his own take on the subject.
The models really capture what I like the most about dwarf models, they're small but BIG, if youv'e ever painted a dwarf model face, you know what I mean, dwarf weapons, dwarf beards are such funs, noone wants to paint knees or elbows, dwarves just keep all the good parts and make them bigger while getting rid of the lame ones.

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Rogue Trader Bombots !

What I like about digging into Oldhammer is those little gold nuggets you find that got forgotten but were fun concepts. What's even better is when talented people unearth those gold nuggets and make them tangible.
That's what happened with this beautiful concept of Bombots originating from the gold mine that is the Rogue Trader rulebook :

The most Excellent Curis from Ninjabread fame has designed those for the sake of it and I was lucky to get a copy to pay hommage to it !

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Crashed Aquila and Scatter terrain

Hey all ! Sometimes it's not about painting little models to your finest standard, it's about giving them a frame to shine in and a setting to tell stories in. Well today is about just that.
During one of the lockdowns here, I had taken all my scatter terrain out and started priming it and putting some basecoats on with some help and the lot has been resting in a box since then until a couple of weeks ago when I decided a sunday with bad weather was all the excuses I needed to finish it. It actually took me another lazy sunday afternoon to complete it but that's another 27 bits in the bank !

Monday 7 March 2022

40k 2nd edition Ogryns

Hey everyone ! So what's the subject today ? Well you've seen the preview, Perry Ogryns ! 
Following my pattern to paint something for my ork force (totally not an army) eevry other project, I felt a sudden urge to get something meatier, bulkier for da boyz. 

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Stargrave Data Vault

Hey all, so here's a  bit of scatter terrain and objective markers for today !
Stargrave enthusiasts here will surely know what this is all about but as many projects, this is a two birds with one stone thing again !

Thursday 10 February 2022

Rogue Psykers - Blackstone Fortress

So it might seem I'm on a good roll painting wise and I am, there's also the fact I'm running out of space in my desk and decided to finish all the works in progress and that means a very fast output since more than half the work was done in most cases (it also explains the meager output a few months ago).
But hey, this is not about numbers (not entirely) but what we do and I'm back on Blackstone Fortress !
Having failed my self imposed deadline of finishing the corebox in 2021, I'm not setting any date but I want it out of the way the sooner I can !

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Space Hulk accessories - C.A.T. and Calice

Real quick one this time, having finally got my hands on a copy of 3rd ed Space Hulk (2009 version), I've been absolutely obsessed with getting a playable game ASAP to have fun with the kids !
Since I already have a full terminator party, I guess I just need to paint the 20 or so Stealers from the set. And I have plans for that...

Sunday 6 February 2022

Mörk Borg - Wretched Royalty


Hey all ! So just a quick one today (always ice to have a bot of a palette cleanser in between bigger projects).
If you've been paying attention lately, there's been a great interest over a small RPG named Mörk Borg. It's set in a very grim, macabre yet somehow grotesque and fun setting with a very strong visual identity. The rules themselves are very light and sandboxy which I absolutely love and over the past month one of my gaming buddies has had the kindness to run an online series of games for us to test the game.

If you haven't seen this yet then the rock you've been hiding under was very efficient !

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Fantasy dwarf band

Ever since my last Mordheim campaign, I knew I wanted to build a dwarf band. But you probably know how life gets in the way and this project somehow got postponed for about 5 years, yikes !
that does mean I was able to add a few models I deemed worthy to my selection and it was a very satisfying moment to finally scratch all those off the list !

Sunday 16 January 2022

Rogue Trader Ork Kult of Speed and Artillery

Alright First of all, Happy new year to all and best of eerything for 2022 !
Long time no see huh ? Well I've moved house and been well occupied with real life stuff and MIGHT have take a bit more than I could chew after the last orks I painted !
But in the end, it's all done and that's a huge bit out of the pile and in the cabinet so I'm pretty happy with that !

The previous Wartrak and Scorcha were such a blast to paint I immeditaly went looking for some more and boy I didn't go light handed on this one !
I wanted at least 5 bikes, a buggy and for some reason couldn't resist a squig catapult !
Oh and my wartrak was missing it's rear Hopsplat gun so y'know.

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