Sunday 16 January 2022

Rogue Trader Ork Kult of Speed and Artillery

Alright First of all, Happy new year to all and best of eerything for 2022 !
Long time no see huh ? Well I've moved house and been well occupied with real life stuff and MIGHT have take a bit more than I could chew after the last orks I painted !
But in the end, it's all done and that's a huge bit out of the pile and in the cabinet so I'm pretty happy with that !

The previous Wartrak and Scorcha were such a blast to paint I immeditaly went looking for some more and boy I didn't go light handed on this one !
I wanted at least 5 bikes, a buggy and for some reason couldn't resist a squig catapult !
Oh and my wartrak was missing it's rear Hopsplat gun so y'know.

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