Tuesday 22 February 2022

Stargrave Data Vault

Hey all, so here's a  bit of scatter terrain and objective markers for today !
Stargrave enthusiasts here will surely know what this is all about but as many projects, this is a two birds with one stone thing again !

Thursday 10 February 2022

Rogue Psykers - Blackstone Fortress

So it might seem I'm on a good roll painting wise and I am, there's also the fact I'm running out of space in my desk and decided to finish all the works in progress and that means a very fast output since more than half the work was done in most cases (it also explains the meager output a few months ago).
But hey, this is not about numbers (not entirely) but what we do and I'm back on Blackstone Fortress !
Having failed my self imposed deadline of finishing the corebox in 2021, I'm not setting any date but I want it out of the way the sooner I can !

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Space Hulk accessories - C.A.T. and Calice

Real quick one this time, having finally got my hands on a copy of 3rd ed Space Hulk (2009 version), I've been absolutely obsessed with getting a playable game ASAP to have fun with the kids !
Since I already have a full terminator party, I guess I just need to paint the 20 or so Stealers from the set. And I have plans for that...

Sunday 6 February 2022

Mörk Borg - Wretched Royalty


Hey all ! So just a quick one today (always ice to have a bot of a palette cleanser in between bigger projects).
If you've been paying attention lately, there's been a great interest over a small RPG named Mörk Borg. It's set in a very grim, macabre yet somehow grotesque and fun setting with a very strong visual identity. The rules themselves are very light and sandboxy which I absolutely love and over the past month one of my gaming buddies has had the kindness to run an online series of games for us to test the game.

If you haven't seen this yet then the rock you've been hiding under was very efficient !

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Fantasy dwarf band

Ever since my last Mordheim campaign, I knew I wanted to build a dwarf band. But you probably know how life gets in the way and this project somehow got postponed for about 5 years, yikes !
that does mean I was able to add a few models I deemed worthy to my selection and it was a very satisfying moment to finally scratch all those off the list !
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