Sunday 31 December 2023

Sláine - Warriors of the Earth tribes


Hey all ! So I managed to finish the last project for 2023 out of nowhere ! Having tidied the desktop a bit because I was feeling overwhelmed, I took the opportunity to put some comitments back to the front and mongst those this Band of Erth tribe warriors for a gaming week end later in March ! I had first painted Sláine a while ago after playing the first 3 scenarii of the book and since we're going to Tir Nan Og for our reunion, I obviously picked the Erth tribes and more precisely the Sessair !

Friday 1 December 2023

BOYL exclusive Merc and Necromunda Spyrer Matriarch

So I've started a lot of projects lately and obviously, before starting them I decided to start yet another ! Now in my defense, it was also to close another, which was painting all my BOYL exclusives ! Worth taking the time right ?
And the last model on the list was this fantastic space merc captain by none other than Bob Naismith. And it was in my top tier even before painting it! 

Now I knew from the start I didn't want this guy to be a stand alone and I had greater plans for him. He obviously has everything you want a space pirate to be so I thought I needed a model to be along him in a Captain/First mate relation for Stargrave. Then I saw that old Necromunda Spyrer matriarch and thought they were the perfect macth, both looking old, one burly and the other quite skinny, one sharp and the other blunt, they were perfect.

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