Tuesday 22 March 2022

Crashed Aquila and Scatter terrain

Hey all ! Sometimes it's not about painting little models to your finest standard, it's about giving them a frame to shine in and a setting to tell stories in. Well today is about just that.
During one of the lockdowns here, I had taken all my scatter terrain out and started priming it and putting some basecoats on with some help and the lot has been resting in a box since then until a couple of weeks ago when I decided a sunday with bad weather was all the excuses I needed to finish it. It actually took me another lazy sunday afternoon to complete it but that's another 27 bits in the bank !

Monday 7 March 2022

40k 2nd edition Ogryns

Hey everyone ! So what's the subject today ? Well you've seen the preview, Perry Ogryns ! 
Following my pattern to paint something for my ork force (totally not an army) eevry other project, I felt a sudden urge to get something meatier, bulkier for da boyz. 
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