Sunday 28 February 2021

Epic Space Marine Army !


Hey everyone ! So I've been busy clearing the desk from all sorts of half finished projects to get some closure and free space !

Amongst the long term sources of guilt, my epic force (I'm not painting an army, my armies days are over). This started in 2019 and has been sitting on the corner of the table for too long a while !

It all started with a lot of motivation and the idea was to make the best of the 2nd edition space marine box (thanks to the generosity of a dear friend) and to give it a more modern take.

Friday 5 February 2021

Ministorum Priest Taddeus the Purifier - Blackstone Fortress


Hey all, so here's my 4th adventurer for Blackstone Fortress ! 
So far I've managed to keep my promise to paint something for the game every other post and I hope I can keep that balance for long enough !
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