Tuesday 18 December 2018

What is your style ?

one trick pony : god mode

Ok, Today I'd like to talk a bit about what we consider as style or a touch, anything that sets one's work apart from the rest.
We've all encountered people's work we can immediately tell apart from others and there are some things that make or break it for each f us.
It's usually harder to give a proper definition of what we do unless we have a very strong vision and the means to translate it in a tangible form (and that requires talent AND skill I think).

Why would I think about all that ? Well I do see people with a strong identity in their painting and I've been told now and then I do have a "style" some can easily identify (although I've also been mistaken for my friend Jon).

Thursday 13 December 2018

Epic Imperial knights - Lancers

So after painting the paladins, it was only natural to get to the lancers (or the wardens I know) ! Well I picked the tall fellas rather than the fat ones because... I don't know they looked fun and I'm painting them all in the end anyway !
Lancers are the fast guys which you can guess from the tall legs and dynamic poses and I find them quite creepy actually with the german helmet or robotic chicken look...

Sunday 9 December 2018

Epic Imperial knights - Paladins

So here are a few more giant robots to go with my ongoing epic project and this time, I treated myself with 3 imperial knights !
The design of them is just brilliant, gothic and weird, I simply love them !
Of course, with modern standards, these look kind of odd and they're actually different kinds of knights with an actual paladin and an errant, the third being... I don't know, some twisted vision of what a giant robot should be !

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