Thursday 30 July 2020

Zombie slayer or... zombie slayer ?

Alright now, little time ago, Jamie from Oldschool Miniatures kindly sent me an orc  and added this unreleased zombified slayer to paint.
Well dwarves are cool, slayers doubly so and zombies on top ? Say no more, this guy (sort of) quickly moved to the top of the queue.
It's a really cool sculpt from Juan Montano, full of oldschool charm, that paints really well.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Rogue trader Lord of change

Alright so a few days ago, one of my fellow hobbyists Mus submitted amongst plenty other things that we do a little group challenge and each paint a greater demon. 
That's of course a brilliant idea in itself but it inrigued me even more because of this :

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Miniatures without borders !

Hey everyone,

I would like to talk about something dear to me this time. I've ben lucky to be part of  a group of hobbyists who've decided to give a little something back to those who need it.
A big raffle has been created with great names each giving a prize (just look at the names in the link or look at the models of the mysterious donors and you'll understand ^^) and I happen to have humbly given something as well
You can check this video to see what I mean :

The aim is to gather money for doctors without borders (médecins sans frontières) as a token of gratitude and to push things the right way because every drop can form an ocean.

miniatures-without-borders-37273.png miniatures-without-borders-36946.pngminiatures-without-borders-36950.pngminiatures-without-borders-36945.png

I cannot stress the importance to make our hobby part of teh solution enough so by all means, have a look and surely you'll be able to spare a few coins (imagine you're not spending that on a kit that will spend its life unpainted in a drawer) and hopefully win some fantastic piece in return while helping in the right direction !
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