Friday 27 March 2015

Limited edition Fimir

After my "girls and beer" hobby hyatus (that would have been around 17 to 21 years old), I quickly decided there would be places I would avoid as much as possible. Amongst those things there were fimir...
Why would I want to avoid them ? Well, they're basically waaaaay too cool and are sought after by a very large number of individuals who make every incarnation of them very expensive. That's the reason why.
I even went as far as to buy some to resell them right away in fear of getting caught in the madness...

But a painter will always be a painter and I have one sweet spot : Jes Goodwin or more precisely the models he's designed over the years. I love almost everything he has done. Amongst those wonders he's produced, there are a few gems and the Limited edition fimir is one of them. What better occasion than the month of Marsh to get to it ?

Monday 23 March 2015

The Helpful Hobby Guide - How to make a wet palette

Probably the greatest tool in miniature painting history after the brush itself

Most of you must have heard of wet palettes before and many of you might already be using one or maybe some amongst you have tried and hated that.
If you haven't heard of these or have but never got to try it, here's how I made myself another one.

Now because I find my palette is my best friend, jus press play and see for yourself how life can be made so much easier :

Saturday 21 March 2015

The space white dwarf - Toruna Ironwind and acolyte

After painting some quite old references, here is a not too old model. The Space white dwarf was released in 2010 and available as a subscription gift.
My sources tell me that the sculpt is from Dave Thomas and I have to say it is one wonderful model to paint. I really had tremendous pleasure with it as it has that particular balance between detail and simple areas. It is not too full of insane details but the ones present are very fine and a treat to paint. Really a painter friendly model. Thanks Dave.

Tis really inspiring sculpt has really got me to up my game a bit and take a lite more time. You will spot some shortcuts here and there (especially in the metallics).
You also have to remember that for a time I struggled with finding what colour to paint the beard...

During good days, Toruna will be giving the thumb to most people...
during bad days, he'll more likely give people a taste of his dreadful powermace...

Friday 13 March 2015

Complete Marauder Venators Set

You don't get that many pictures of painted venators around (for now...)

1996 I'd say, yes, I think that's the year.

What am I talking about ? Well 1996 is the year I went into my local independant hobby shop in Nantes to get my fix of old lead (even at the time in the middle of the red era I was looking for older stuff...). And what did I find ? White Dwarves, old ones, a whole lot of them and amongst them these particular issues :

These contained what left a solid and resilient emotion in my teenage heart : the rules for confrontation and amongst them, this picture :

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