Sunday 26 June 2016

HE IS THE LAW ! - Champions of Law Season 2

As always, the champions of Law are my happy modelling place and though I'm not working as quickly on this 2nd seasonas with the previous one, I have many ideas of things that motivate me.
Amongst many ideas suggested to me, there was one whih always was a bit obvious : the link with Judge Dredd.
Just what other character apart from Dredd can you think of as an embodiment of Law it self ?

Thursday 23 June 2016

Dark Vengeance - Chaos Space Marine Chosen

Ok, bit of change with those ! As always I'm getting to my first and true love : Chaos...
I hadn't really planned to paint those until a few weeks ago when a challenge was issued on a FB modelling page. The aim of this challenge was to make a point between white primers and black primers. 
Given that the person who initiated the challenge is a firm believer in black undercoats, he made the challenge about painting black marines (raven guard, deathwatch, black templars and so on...). As you can imagine, this choice wasn't influenced by any kind of bad will or any bias...
Well given that I am the proud owner of a black renegade force, I thought I could join and get some models painted !

Saturday 18 June 2016

Rats in spaaaace - Jes Goodwin my hero

Wow, that's quite an achievement here. A relief actually. Space skaven are long term residents at the top of my "to do " list but for some reason I've never quite managed to take the time to fully go into it. The main reason might be I wanted to paint them all at once so that sort of process tends to make things a bit more impressive to get on with.
Anyway I'm glad I've managed to pull some fingers out of some orifices and finish no less than 12 models at once (2 of the little rats above come from my rogue quest project.
But why space skaven ?
The answer lies in one name : Jes Goodwin.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

This Rainbow Warrior kills fascists

I suppose I don't have to tell any of you what happened in Orlando recently so I've just felt the urge to let my brushes drain the frustration away. Just yesterday again, a cop's family has been shot down so I could just as well have picked an arbite or a Judge from Judge Dredd I guess.
This was a rainbow warrior I chose to paint though.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Caught somewhere in time - Iron Maiden's Eddie

Let's start with a little music shall we ? If you didn't have the song playing in your head when seeing the model, it's only normal I make you listen to it ! ^^

Now here's a real special one today. I've told you people on many occasions that the hobby blends with music and comics in my heart and imagination because I've discovered most at the same time. Well here's a model that combines a lot of awesome elements. I think many of you will have already recognised Eddie the head, Iron Maiden's mascott which you can see on all their album covers.
Well this mascott has known many incarnations and this one comes right from their album "Somewhere in time" released in 1986.

Friday 10 June 2016

Not all traders are rogue...

Late post this week (not that I have a given day to post really) to show a model I had almost finished (everything but the scarf actually) for some time now.
The conversion has also been sitting on the table for quite a while and with the recent hype about Abdul Goldberg; I had th eperfect occasion to add this guy to the group of models I was painting (I tend to paint in batches because I'm a firm believer of Taylorism applied to painting).
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