Monday 25 December 2017

Phat S'lann - Giant slaver toad from Katsina

The end of the year is clearly not the perfect time to get anything meaningful done hobby wise but in the wirlwind of emergencies before leaving on holiday, I did manage to finish ONE final model !
I am very pleased I could get this particular one done as it's one from Katsina Miniatures run by the most excellent Doti and Seán.

Thursday 21 December 2017

There are new dwarves in spaaaace !

Long time no see heh ? Well I didn't want to spoil you so kept those little fellows secret until now... 
Now I suppose every self respecting oldschool enthusiast has a fondness for short hairy guys. Models. Short hairy guys models I mean.

Well lucky us, Uscarl Miniatures have decided to give us the possibility of getting our hands on brilliant space dwarves without having to sell a lung as well as plenty of other cool things !
The best part of it all ? Probably the fact those were sculpted by an oldschool legend : Kev Adams !
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