Sunday 29 November 2015

Thank you my space Ashigaru ;) - Battle systems scenery

Quick post for today, I just wanted to let you people know that the little contest I took part in some time ago did came with a reward !
You can see HERE all the entries that were submitted and in all honesty I can consider myself lucky to have grabbed the 14th place out of 83 contestants if I'm correct. Out of the impressive lots available I managed to get some Battle systems scenery from their scifi project :

Two sheets of punchable pieces to build a mix of crates, consoles and cryotubes. Looks like the perfect way to add some decoration in an empty room.

Monday 23 November 2015

Skullz Adeptus mechanicus familiar

Today will be a short post for a short model ! This model is an adeptus mechanicus familiar coming from the Skullz limited edition set.
It's one of those little models I adore because he's holding no weapons and is just meant to add some depth (well and carry books and purify blood for his master).
The set is described as sculpted as sculpted by the Perrys but I'd have sworn there was some Gary Morley amongst those...

The set is quite popular and goes for good money most of the times but I was lucky to benefit from the generosity of a fellow hobbyist who sent me one just because he's nice !

Thursday 19 November 2015

Rogue Quest Level Nine : The Druid

I'm reaching the end of this little journey in the future dungeoneering Axiom and I wanted to explore as this is the 5th out of 6 models I'm about to present you. This new entry is the druid. The druid was introduced as a subclass of clerics with specifities that made him a little more characterful. 
To represent that kind of character in the grim darkness of the far future and especially in the depths of the underhives. Thing is, I actually didn't pick the class first but the model, I was considering doing a cleric as it's a type of characters I fancy but I couldn't find any suitable model (Alex did find a very good model though). That's when I fell upon this confrontation dogskin (who would be replaced by ratskins in Necromunda) which I 'd had for some time without knowing what to do of it.

Like many confrontation models, this one is very small and delicate and if you look closely the base somehow seems a bit too large while the arms are also slightly too big for the model. With thiselement and the fact he's wearing a dog pelt, I knew I could use him for something really nice. I gave him a unassured pose on purpose to show combat with guns is not necessarily is forte. The druid's power lies somewhere else...

Thursday 12 November 2015

Fresh blood and a tutorial for the champions of Law !

So here we have 3 more members for my warband of champions of Law ! Since I've been painting those for some time now, I'm thinking about making a break to avoid making this a habit or something tiring and since I'm making a pause I thought I'd do a little tutorial on how I paint them. Make no mistake, they're not up to high standards or anything and I intended them to be speed paints from the start but I find the recipes I used served the purpose of having a nice warband rapidly so why not share ?

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Grudge Vs Hate - A 2nd edition Warhammer 40k battle report

For me, this hobby mostly consists in modelling toy soldiers and sharing it via blogging and forums and all and meeting nice people online is definitely one of the good parts. The best part of it all though is getting to meet those people for real. Yeah, like in the other real life, the one without a keyboard and all and with handshakes and drinks instead !
Well thanksto the Oldhammer groups on facebook (both french and English speaking) I was finally able to get to play with Goulven a proud defender of the 2nd edition of warhammer 40k (along his gaming partner Pestilus). For once I didn't have to go to Canada or England to get a game !

Being renowned for his Squat army and being the poor "chaotic-to-the-core" soul that I am, the choice of armies was very simple we just needed to agree on a given number of points.
I managed to come up with a 2000 points list using everything I had painted so far (and for which I had painted the terminators.

Facing the squats

The table was set in advance and looked suitably oldschool with the grass everywhere with great details and scenic elements like the windmill and the watch tower.

Like always Battle started before the first bullet was even shot...

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Rogue Quest level Seven : Mad Dog Finnegan the Barbarian

Level 7 of the Rogue Quest ! This time is my turn after Jon's brilliant bard and I decided to go into the heavy weight category this time. 
As you know, the barbarian is one iconic type of adventurers renowned for his delicacy and very refined approach of things...

Yeah OK, laugh all you want, wether you want it or not, the barbarian is the hero we all admire as kids because you can immediately understand what he's all about, generally one goal, and almost one way to achieve it : violence. When violence doesn't solve a problem for a barbarian, it basically just means he hasn't used enough of it yet.

Monday 2 November 2015

Rogue Trader Chaos - Traitor Terminators

 Nothing like a deadline to get things done ! A week ago these guys weren't even on my schedule but a last minute appointment for a game next Week End decided otherwise and here they are !
Those models are meant to join the ranks of a growing chaos force for which I've foolishly decided to collect all the models as you can see HERE and HERE.

If you're not familiar with the models (quite unlikely but not impossible after all) they are the first chaos terminators sculpted during the first edition of Warhammer 40k by the talented Jes Goodwin who had already sculpted a goo load of their imperial counterparts.

Picture taken from Solegend

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