Tuesday 29 March 2016

Petar Felk - Imperial investigator

Brushes were starting to itch a little after quite a while away from them and spending too much with the modelling knife and putty (more about that soon). I've decided that a little reunion with painting would be a good and amongst a fistful of models I've just primed there were these 2 guys that were very appealing.
These models are from the Kickstarter "Outlanders !" designed by Paul Field (the excellent Mason on LAF amongst other places) and that go with the other models from Blind Beggar.

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Battle at the Farm ! - Leadplague Version

This week end, I was in Paris with some friends and I took the opportunity to go meet my pal Goulven. You might remember how he single handedly crushed my chaos renegades with his squats in a game of 40k 2nd ed the last time we had met...

Well while this occasion was just meant to catch up, chat and have a beer, my host had secretly prepared an impromptu game of Rogue Trader.
I think you will all appreciate this kind of gesture but not only was this a proper game of Rogue Trader with proper oldschool miniatures and all, this was THE proper Rogue Trader scenario : Battle at the farm !

Thursday 10 March 2016

Wizard apprentice of Law !

WOW ! I've rarely managed to do that but I actually DID finish a model from the bginning to the end in one single session !
I've been thinking about what model to use as an apprentice for my champions of Law in games of Mordheim lately and no model seemed to fit. Then I remembered I had got this Imperial wizard for 1€ amongst other models in a trade (couldn't miss such a model for that price really !) and thought he'd be perfect !

The model was (very poorly if you look at the mouldline running acorss his left arm) prepared and primed so that yesterday night, all I had to do was sit and paint !

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Khorne Blood Slaughterer and a little rust tutorial

We all have one of those, I 'm sure you do. I'm not specifically talking about a Khorne Blood Slaughterer but I'm talking about that one model most people find shitty (and which we partly find shitty too) but that we love for some obscure reason...
I'd like to think there's no shame in loving those because as long as it makes us happy and annoys no one, then it just makes the world a better place.
Well the model above just happens to be one of those. I must have discovered it in a WD a loooong time ago and I was immediately shocked by the concept.

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