Wednesday 20 October 2021

Fogou Shack me up ! - More Junktown scenery

Hey everyone ! It's been a while but with summer vacations it's sometimes hard to find the opportunities to get to your brushes, I reckon many will know the feeling. I've had plenty of fantastic stuff on the desk however so I was eager to get it all done and show you !

Thursday 14 October 2021

Rogue Trader Ork Wartrak and Scorcher for Orctober !


Hey everyone ! So you know what month it is right ? It's freaking october, you heard that ? OrCtober !
And what do we do on ORCTOBER ? WE PAINT ORCS, THAT WHAT WE DO !
Now to be honest, I had a few hundred things to pick from if I wanted greenskins so I picked some of the models I've had for a while and which really tempted me, namely the wartrak (minus field gun) and Scorcher !

Monday 4 October 2021

Negavolt Cultists - Blackstone Fortress

Hi everyone ! It's a weird time right now at home with some real life getting in the way but good stuff ! I have a fair few unblogged painted things so I'll try and clear the desk (and mind) of that unfinished business !
Keeping my 2021 resolution to finish the content of the core box of Blackstone Fortress, here are 4 new villains, the Negavolt cultists !

Since the traitor guards are coming soon, I wanted to test some speed painting techniques on those to gather a bit of XP. Almost all parts you see have had only 2 coats of paint with the exception of the red cables. It's either just contrast/highlights or glaze/wash or sometimes just one wash or contrast coat with the cables getting a wash and two highlights to make them pop a bit and the glowing parts getting 3 shades of red.
It's not spectacular from up close but at tabletop distance it's more than enough to get the effect working and that's where I'll try to go with the 34 cultists on the table right now.

Unlike the beastmen, those models are very samey-samey which is a pity, as a whole, I think the models from blackstone fortress are some of the most clever and neat design from the past few years and the combinations and variants you can find with the beastmen or psykers is excellent. I wish the negavolt cultists had got that sort of treatment bt they remain excellent models which really convey the right mood.
All in all, despite not looking at the box art, I've managed to get a very similar colour scheme, guess that's what suits them !
Anyway, they were fast and rewarding models to have done so I'm pretty chuffed, more to come soon so happy painting you all !


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