Tuesday 29 November 2016

My entry for the Temple of Morikun Challenge !

"Why on earth are you showing us an empty base JB ? Are you that lazy you're not even painting your models now ?"

Pleaaaase, let me explain a bit.

You might remember in August 2015 I made a space ashigaru for an online competition to celebrate Morikun's 300000 viewer. Well this year, he's decided to celebrate his 600000th viewer (he isn't losing time as you can see) and he's therefore organised a new competition.

Since he's spent quite a lot of time and energy preparing something huge, I thought it was only natural to submit something this year, especially since I managed to grab something last time.

Sunday 20 November 2016

40kthulhu Chapter 3: At the stars of madness...

Here's the third chapter of the 40kthulhu project after Axiom has written the 1st chapter and Gretchin the second one.
This project is recorded on the ammobunker forums and is an opportunity to tie the Lovecraftian myth with depths and mysteries of the grim darkness of a far future...

+ + + + + +TRANSMITTED: Providence
+ + + + + +RECEIVED: Ganymede
+ + + + + +DESTINATION: Terra
+ + + + + +DATE: 3123456.M41
+ + + + + +TELEPATHIC DUCT: Astr. Delphinus
+ + + + + +REF: Inq/90840958940324323432/LA
+ + + + + +AUTHOR: Inq. Gimenez
+ + + + + +SUBJECT: Investigations on Providence (part 1)
+ + + + + +THOUGHT: "Hallowed be His name"

I fear sanity and hope are a luxury I no longer can afford now. In trying times, faith and duty shall be what drives my action and they compel me to record my investigations and make sure they reach the right hands...

Thursday 17 November 2016

Rescued by a plastic monopose monstrosity AKA the Heroquest Chaos Sorceror

Over the Scale Creep, we've had a little challenge implying to paint every single model from the Heroquest box. To do that we've had the help of guest stars.
Now it's been a couple of weeks since I last produced anything, mainly because of busy week ends, Marvel series in Netflix and lazyness.
When painting mojo is going scarce, I usually pick a stand alone model to get in the swing of things and this time it was this lovely bloke.
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