Friday 17 November 2023

BOYL exclusive Navigator

Hey all ! Next in my quest to get all the BOYL exclusive models painted : The Navigator, this one is a bit special since it's the latest one (at the time of writing) from BOYL 2023 but it's a first in BOYL history since it 's the first multipart model !

This one has been sculpted by Time Prow and follows the pattern of switching from fantasy to sci-fi and the other way round every year.

Thursday 16 November 2023

BOYL exclusive Necromancer by Bob Olley

Hey all ! I'm in the middle of a stupid number of projects at the moment but I wanted to clear a few items rapidly lately. One of which is going through my BOYL exclusives and getting them all painted to show some gratitude ! Amongst the ones I hadn't painted, there was this Necromancer by the incredible Bob Olley from BOYL 2022 (iirc).
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