Tuesday 30 December 2014

Mutated Stunties for Rogue Trader

I am not someone with a lot of personnality... Whenever I see a good idea, I feel like giving it a go...

You may remember Axiom and Colin recently had a go at creating little mutated creatures for rogue trader and this gave me the will to try to do some myself...

But why would one want to create small, weak, painful to watch, useless models ? Well because they sort of define the kind of setting you want for your games I guess. You want a world full of characterfull heroes ? Good for you. I do prefer (matter of taste) having a bit of everything making the average guys look handsome and villains making normal dudes look like heroes.

Thursday 25 December 2014

A Christmas Tale - Dadhammer episode 3

 This time of year again...

The everlasting battle between chaos and law, evil and good is finding another battleground on this holy day....

"Come on Vixen ! I'm telling you that awful thing with Prancer and Comet was just an accident ! Look, I brought you a present, now come here will ya?"

"Do you think I'm a newborn Claus? You think I didn't see how you got rid of Cupid and Dasher? I know you mean to sell these sacred woods, why would you need them when you've already fired most of the elves"

Sunday 21 December 2014

Flesh for... - Rogue Trader Civilians

As my friend Willy Idol, would say :

But this is the future right ? Flesh for Rogue trader anyone ? OK, time for silly puns is past...

To give some company to my space metalhead, I thought I'd populate the streets of my rogue trader games with more civilians and unarmed characters just to add depth to it. They will probably be quite useful for story purposes in games I expect to play.

So here they are :

A pair of hookers to give warmth (and venerial diseases) to the mercenaries, thieves and other space brigands my games can lead me to play. But why hookers? Why another sordid concept after a drunk? Well, in all honesty, things were not planned that way at first...

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Space metalhead - Rogue trader civilians

Here he is, my space metalhead ! You right remember that this model was first intended as a space drunk in this post. Well Erny suggested to tie it to one of the other Oldhammer bands and this was a great idea I had to use right away!

This meant I was going to give the Mushrööm Klöwds their first fan model !

Just like any other real proper band, the Mushrööm Klöwds have to tour, and just like for any real proper band touring, fans need Touring dates T-shirts :

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Rogue trader robots

When people think about Rogue trader robots, they often think about the imperial set of robots :

This range and the rules that accompanied them in WD are well renowned, especially for that "robot phase" where the Robot's behavior was decribed by a set of "Goto" commands which made it VERY long to play.

But this time I'm going back a little further and will be considering robots as portrayed in Rogue trader.

Monday 1 December 2014

Dadhammer - episode 2 (where I scrathbuild a spaceship and a dragon)

Real life sometimes robs you of your hobby time (when real actual robbers don't actually really rob you ...).
Amongst the many forms it can take, it seems real life favours that of young children, those creatures seem to be like "life elementals" or lesser demons of "life".
Any true man has to stand firm and be up to his responsabilities. This does not mean one has to lose opportunities to have some fun hobby time. So for the second time I decided to use my hard-earned modelling techniques for some Dadhammer (see episode one HERE)

When my 4 year old lesser demon of life asked me for a spaceship, I saw the challenge in it. A big cardboard box and some clever cuts after that, I had the frame for it...

A little scale test and pannel check...everything seems to be OK...

Just draw shapes and mask with tape....

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