My Rogue trader Gallery

Lucas Stern, hero of the starchild and sensei master :

 featuring (from left to right) :

- Shorty the ratling
- Moulay Abd An-nour, scout
- Lucas Stern, Sensei and hero of the Starchild
- Poakey, the underhiver
- Mad Punk
- Redeemed chaos champion

"Space" Roger Ferrero and his galactic farers :

- Johny Savuka
- Brook the skeleton mechanic
- Michan Pherry, Roger Ferrero and Allael Pherry
- Irn Bounce, space dwarf
- Zan Kieff

"Da Red Sturz" A team of Space ork Raiders

Full post here

The Heavy Industrialist Union (Engineering and pondering company) :

With all the thoughts behind them...

A complete set of marauder venators along an inquisitor :

All you need to know about the venators HERE.
And about Camilla Weis, rogue trader extraordianire HERE.

A full group of Helmawr gangers for Confrontation/Necromunda :

All you need to know about them in detail is in th efollowing sections :
Teh Gang Leader with Jokaero familiar
The Helmawr Gangers (4,5 & 6 from left)
The fields agents

Some mutated stunties :

And all you need to know about them...

A warband of Rad mutants :

If you want to know more about :
- the Iron claw alien on the left go to chapter 37
- The Space minotaur in the middle, go to to chapter 126
- The Rad Chimera on the right, go to chapter 7

A DnD inspired team for Rogue Quest :

PaladinDruid, RangerFighterWizard and Barbarian

Both ranges from the first and second kickstarters from Colony 87 :

Some Space hookers :

A Grey Sensei :

A space rooster :

Dinosaurs and robots :

 An terminator inquisitor :


  1. Lovely - where's the dinosaur from? Is it a plastic toy? (child's toy, not man toy)

    1., even worse than plastic : a rubber toy !

  2. Inspiring stuff!

    I love the old RT adventurers, and the one and only Sensei model is on my painting table now.

    1. Cheers !
      This model is a blast really, show it to us once painted !

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers, it probably needs a little update !

  4. Mate - love your work here - a real feast for the eyes.

    1. Thanks, I realise I should totally update it now !

  5. you will love this vid; make sure to watch to the end!!

  6. What a cool collection! Awesome! And I kick myself for not being in the game for that Kolony '87 kickstarter.


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