Monday 6 July 2015

The Helpful Hobby Guide : Sculpting tools

It will come as no surprise if I tell you I am not much of a sculptor...
However, part of our hobby involves using putty at one stage or the other (unless you're a plastic-only kind of modellist) to simply fill gaps, repair damaged detailsor even add new ones for conversions.
In all those circumstances, you have to learn by trying. learning from other people's experience though is allowing shortcuts though.
Though many painting techniques are covered in magasines and all, I've always felt that you don't get much sculpting tips or tricks and that basic techniques aren't as well known as they are for painting.

The aim of this post is is no way to tell anyone what to use as I'm clearly out of my jurisdiction here but it's aimed to share with you what I use and learn from your tips and advice, critics and comments.

The tool below is the first sculpting tool I got when I started pushing putty back in 2000. You can see it's not the most precise of tools. I think when I got it it had already been used for dentistry or something has it was clearly not brand new. It did what it had though and I quickly switched from Milliput to Green Stuff (I won't go too far on the subject of putties as it clearly exceeds my very limited knowledge of the only 2 I use).

Thursday 2 July 2015

Rogue trader Hoverbot D.I.L.D.O.

Robots, probably one of the most evocative subjects... they do everything we do far much better than we could, they're smarter, stronger, more resilient ad they speak with such awesome voices (when not simply making 'bips') that just looking at them makes you jealous not to have been born on Cybertron.

You may remember that a little while ago (well last year), I posted about robots in Rogue trader...

Hey there...
  And at that time I had built the basis for a scratchbuilt hoverbot :

Well, thanks to constant reminders from Christian B. on the Facebook Oldhammer community page, I finally took the time to finish that model that had sat half basecoated for months in front of me ion the painting range.
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