Sunday, 28 February 2021

Epic Space Marine Army !


Hey everyone ! So I've been busy clearing the desk from all sorts of half finished projects to get some closure and free space !

Amongst the long term sources of guilt, my epic force (I'm not painting an army, my armies days are over). This started in 2019 and has been sitting on the corner of the table for too long a while !

It all started with a lot of motivation and the idea was to make the best of the 2nd edition space marine box (thanks to the generosity of a dear friend) and to give it a more modern take.

Friday, 5 February 2021

Ministorum Priest Taddeus the Purifier - Blackstone Fortress


Hey all, so here's my 4th adventurer for Blackstone Fortress ! 
So far I've managed to keep my promise to paint something for the game every other post and I hope I can keep that balance for long enough !

Monday, 25 January 2021

Squeek ! - Giant Rats and rodents

Hey everyone, nothing real fancy today I'm afraid, since I'm clearing the desk of many WIPs, I found I had 13 rats based and ready and thought I could clear them pretty rapidly if I put my mind to it.

After all, that's the sort of thing a few drybrushes and some highlights should handle easily right ? Well I was actually right for once ! I just had to blue-tack them by groups on some old paint pots and here I was ready to paint a swarm of wait... 1,2, 3, 4...11, 12 and 13 ! Oh my (rat) god this has got to be a sign right ? I'm taking it as one anyway !

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Imperial Navigator Espern Locarno - Blackstone Fortress

Hey everyone, so I'm still feelig good with the Blackstone Fortress characters so I've followed with the Imperial Navigator, Espern Locarno. It's a great figure and quite suprisingly one of the very few to not sport any type of weapon and in a very peaceful pose for someone dwelling in the grim darkness of a far future !
I have to say I'm pretty chuffed abot him because I didn't have a navigator painted until now so I believe it's a nice item ticked off the list !

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Imperial Robot UR-025 - Blackstone Fortress


Hey everyone ! So new year's all about good resolutions right ? Well there's one I clearly didn't realise last year and it pains me a fair bit : painting the whole Blackstone fortress content !

I had only painted one model so far, Janus Draik, and that was more than a year ago ! Yeah I know...
So with a few lockdowns under the belt and probably a few more coming, I really want to up my coop game capacity and my interest for the game hasn't vanished so I need A PLAN.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Scythes of the Emperor Terminator Specialists


 Hey everyone! Happy new year to all ! I wish you all the best for this year and sincerely hope we get to shake hands and push little soldiers on the same table again soon !

Now how best to start a new year ? Well painting some models is definitely a winner and I guess clearing the desk is even better so I've set myself the goal to finish as many projects as I can from the desk and to give myself some milestones for some projects that haven't moved as much as I meant to during 2020, we'll see how this goes !

Friday, 11 December 2020

Confrontation Blood Angel

So you know sometimes some great things happen. You might have noticed I'm a huge confrontation fan, you know, confrontation, Necromunda's ancestor from 1991 ? Well you can read a lot about it if you follow the confrontation tag HERE and amongst the many things that have had a huge impact on my hobby tastes, Les Edwards's incredible artwork is definitely up there !

Monday, 7 December 2020

Nurgle Plague Marines

 Greetings all ! As you've probably guessed from the header and title, well I'm still pretty deep into chaos renegades and thought I'd channel my current mojo into getting some of the core troops done !
I've been considering the Nurgle boys for a long time since I had an idea of how to I wanted them to be.

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