Monday 18 March 2024

Turnip28 Troops and Battles !

Hey everyone ! So a month ago, my good buddy Adrien offered me a gaming opportunity : "I have a free week end in a month, if you fancy it, we can play a lot of Turnip28 !". My immediate response was that I would NEVER EVER have a painted army in such a short notice since my models were not even finished converting for the most part. Then he said I could borrow some of his and that's where I knew it was horribly wrong, not that playing with his wonderful models is, but not doing them the honour of facing something new was not acceptable !

Friday 15 March 2024

Eldar Wraithguards

Hey all, so continuing on my Eldar journey, I've finally started to paint more than just characters and got the Wraithguards I was supposed to paint last month. With the colours now settled I could get a little straight to the point.

Thursday 14 March 2024

Octarium terrain


So a year and a half back from now, my lovable Rochie handed me a set of Octarium terrain just because that's the sort of bastard he is. Fast forward to now with a couple of house moves in the way and all sorts of real life and unfocused brain issues, I finally took the opportuniy to finish a set started a year ago. That's how it happens.

GW's scenic kits have been stellar for a few years and this one is great because it's versatile, fits with plenty other things, looks good and is well designed. Some parts double up with some I had from the mek workshop I had painted but scatter terrain excess is not real, it just doesn't exist.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Turnip Snobs and cultists


So after playing some Turnip28 games back in October with my mate Adrien, I was conquered by the rules and fun of the game and wanted to build myself an army.
Like often, it took me a while to get started, gathering the bits I needed, getting some printed and getting a rough idea of what I wanted as a whole aside from the couple of stuff I wanted to try. 
So after building plenty of models without much of a plan, I decided to focus on the prerequisites of the games : Snobs.

Monday 12 February 2024

Ondryel - Eldar Farseer


So this is month 2 of my painting challenge, doing an Eldar army in 6 months and although I completely missed the great plan I had built and the optimal list of entry, I still managed to paint one of the entries.
Now I originally meant to paint Eldrad Ulthran himself (well the model, not to use him as the big daddy) but poor planning, a global shortage of green stuff and late deliveries meant I had to adapt to still make it and therefore I picked the original Farseer, an absolute classic by Jes Goodwin of course.

Monday 29 January 2024

Wicker Man and Magic Stones

So I have this gaming week end planned in March involving Celtic barbarians, demons of the sea and weird worshippers of giant worms. While I'm not meant to bring a whole table's worth of scenery, I thought it would be silly not to paint and bring the related scatter terrain kindly printed for me by my mate Michael.

Monday 22 January 2024

The Eldar Avatar of Khaine

Hey everyone ! it's the end of January already but happy new year to all of you, hoping 2024 brings you as much happiness and achievement as you need !
So last year I foolishly let myself embak on a "tale of gamers" kind of challenge focused on 2nd ed 40k. After being tempted by tyranids but realising wi only had like half the points in models, I looked at the obvious choice, chaos, but I only have troops now left to aint so nothig to make a proper list of. 
Then some old friends came and knocked at the door after a 10 years hyatus : the Eldar.
It had been exactly 10 years since I last stripped and reassembled my army !

Sunday 31 December 2023

Sláine - Warriors of the Earth tribes


Hey all ! So I managed to finish the last project for 2023 out of nowhere ! Having tidied the desktop a bit because I was feeling overwhelmed, I took the opportunity to put some comitments back to the front and mongst those this Band of Erth tribe warriors for a gaming week end later in March ! I had first painted Sláine a while ago after playing the first 3 scenarii of the book and since we're going to Tir Nan Og for our reunion, I obviously picked the Erth tribes and more precisely the Sessair !
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