Thursday 26 November 2020

Chaos Terminator Lord

 Alright everyone, now amongst this very unexpected but enjoyable chaotic derailing of my painting queue, there has been an unexpected but enjoyable disturbance (it wouldn't be fun otherwise).
My friends Grove and Crooks were just posting awesome WIP pics of chaos champions up to the post where the urge to build myself one was unbearable.

Friday 20 November 2020

Chaos Traitor Techmarines

So little time ago, I felt the urge to get rid of a robot conversion that had been wandering on my table for waaaay too long. Little time after that , That damned Nico came up with some amazing renegade conversions that left me unable not to get back onto my own renegades.
Thing is, I've had a group of techmarines planned for a while for this arm force (not doing an army) since I have plenty of vehicles and some more troops requiring some.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Ymgarl genestealer

Hey all, now what would be the most iconic monster of the 40k universe ? Well I bet the genestealer will end on the podium right ?
Now of course you probably know how I like to take the most obscure angle on a concept so when I got the chance to get my hands on an Ymgral Genestealer fan sculpt, well there was no real thinking process, just an instant urge to paint one !

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Chaos Corrupted Colossus Robot

So, robots...
Robots are extremely cool period. Chaos is extremely cool as well period. Now Chaos robots are bound to be just super duper cool right ? Well they are.
See, I've had this Colossus wreck in the leadpile for ages and it was so damaged I just figured I could try and hack it to repose it with little risk. 
Many will remember the "special" alternative  AI programming rules for robots but I have to say I loved the many styles of them :

click to return to small image: cat1991ap025smrobots-01.htm.
Picture from Solegends  

Now of course, the Colossus is extremely familiar to those who love the ABC warriors and their leader Hammerstein with his trademark hammer for hand :

ABC Warriors / Characters - TV Tropes

Thing is though, I somehow lost tha hammer hand. And it looks silly let's face it, no elbow or anything ? Really ?
Anyway I need my robot to feel corrupted so I tought some organic arm sprouting out of its shoulder would look cool and somehow reminiscent of something I LOVE (like Gooseflesh inducingly good :

 So that's what I came up with :

The bloter is a modern era version for the simple reason I didn't have any other togive him, I felt like connecting teh weapon to the frame with a sick organic intestin would convey the sense of fresh corruption I was after :

In my quest to cover as many entries for this army little force (I don't do armies you know), I'm quite chuffed to have this one covered, this makes the need of a few techmarines even greater now but evrything in its own time I guess !


Tuesday 10 November 2020

Creepy crawlers - More squigs for the waaagh !

Alright all ! I know Orctober is behind us but you know, the love is still here and strong and for some reason I just really felt like painting those 3 guys. I had got my hand on them after painting the first batch but they came up right at the time I needed some painting fresh air.

Monday 2 November 2020

Fogou Adobe/mudbrick buldings

Hey everyone, so this is a celebration post since I've finally managed to paint my whole Fogou Brickstarter pledge !
This was mostly done during our first lockdown but I somehow got lost in finsihing the very last details, leaving those beauties unfinsihed for way too long ! (quite fun to have it done just as our second lockdown starts)

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