Tuesday 27 January 2015

of the influence of Japanese culture on my view of the Grim darkness...

Sometimes you just work on too many projects to finish any. Such is my hobby right now...

A full plate of miniature goodness, just needs to be dealt with in the right order... Can you spot some things you recognise?

Monday 19 January 2015

Dwarf adventurer - BC1 starter set

I realise the last models I've produced were not really old lead and though this is in no way a problem, I just wanted to ceize a few opportunities to get some old lead painted in between a couple of cool things I'm working on at the moment.

This model is the stout dwarf warrior from the renowned BC1 adventurers Starter set :

Just watch that good face, isn't he lovely? You can see him all quiet and calm for the time being but just throw an orc or a goblin in the same room and you get meat all over the place.

As I said this one comes from the BC1 adventurer set :

Image taken from Solegend

Friday 16 January 2015

Camilla Weis - Inquisitorial Rogue trader

Today's model is not particularly old for a change but it is one I've found attractive (from a modelling point of view mind you) since its release.

Since I got back to Rogue trader, I actually haven't painted a rogue trader so far. I know starting with an inquisitor figure may seem odd but what I love about Rogue Traders in this game is that they are highly eccentric individuals that are commissioned to accomplish plenty of mission for the Imperium (meaning they come in all sorts of styles and genres).

I chose this model because I really like the nobility of it and it's exactly that point that makes it a good Rogue Trader for me. Camilla Weis (that's her name) was born with a golden spoon in her mouth and she decided early in her priviliged life to fight boredom by visting remote places in the Galaxy. Her noble standard and relations even got her to be paid and commisionned by the Imperial authorities for it. She has somehow built a contract with inquisitorial authorities thanks to her mutation free genes (Thanks to living in a friendly environment) and she usually explore new planets or inspect known ones and then reports on potential chaotic threats so that the inquisition can decide to send proper inquisitors or not, depending on the reports (That would make her an external auditioner in today's sordid society).

But what are Rogue traders?

Monday 12 January 2015

You think I ain't worth a dollar but I feel like a millionaire... (part 2)

There are some days where you only get madness and worldwide mayhem and some where you get to read in a published magasine that someone loves you... well who appreciates what you do at least...

Saturday was one of the latter when I learnt that Conrad Kinch had written some very kind words about this very blog in his article about the Oldhammer movement in Miniature Wargames Magazine #381 :
Image property of Atlantic Publishers
Not only did Conrad wrote : "A painting blog written by the ever inventive Jean Baptiste. Definitely check out his beautifully sculpted Chicken Knight. A man who manages to combine Highlander and Warhammer 40K is alright in my book."

But he also managed to come up with a description of the oldhammer no member would deny and that alone is to be praised !

Go and check out his blog JOY AND FORGETFULNESS if you're not already following it, his talent for writing and his fine humour should keep you well entertained. I'm more than happy to share this honour with fellow bloggers I immensely respect so that's added bonus.

I'd want to say this changes nothing but I've already started adding spinners on my bike's wheels, I've put the music level one step up on the stereo and I'm not even talking to my cats anymore... probably should get back painting...

All of this just to say Thank You.

Friday 9 January 2015

Nurgle champion n°51-55 from the Lost and the damned : Phalless Whistletongue

Today I'm presenting you my first model of the year. This model is actually my entry for the Realm of Chaos challenge on the Oldhammer forum : The bestiary of the unfortunate and the exalted.

A project has been proposed to make a model of every entry in the pre-rolled champions presented in the Lost and the Damned book.

Since we can freely choose our entries, I opted for an easy one to start with  : n° 51-55

An headless champion with extra joints in the arm can't be that hard to model right?

Monday 5 January 2015

New Year Post ! We need a plan...

OK , so as most of you know by now, a new year has come and that means it has to be filled with even greater projects and accomplishments than the previous one.

In order to set a standard, let's take a brief look at what was 2014 (I'm following the same plan as Last Year) :

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