Monday 29 February 2016

Smells like Kev Spirit

Look, I've said it before but I'm not exactly a great orc lover here. I know I've said it a fair few times already but I keep coming back to painting some now that I've started a couple years back for orctober.
Thing is, I still wouldn't want to have a huge force of them in any game nor would I even want to play them that much but for some reason I feel compelled to having a force of them for my games.
Since this year, I've started to make warbands of all sorts for fantasy just like I used to do for Rogue Trader. That means when I saw a sale on the Oldhammer forum with plenty of cool orcs from Kev Adams, I took the opportunity to scratch the itch.

Friday 26 February 2016

Enter the scale creep !

There comes a time where like minded people just have to face the facts, bite the bullet, make the step or however you wanna put it.

There comes a time where said people just need to embrace the fact that they share those elements that make them consider themselves as friends.

And when those very same people just happen to have been united by their love of small men made of lead and plastic, that they have played may games together and plan some more and that each and everyone of them is a blogger, well, some things are bound to happen.

I am very happy to announce the opening of the Scale Creep, a blog I'll be sharing with some valued fellow hobbyists. 
It's not the first group blog you'll find and it might not be the best either but it will surely be the result of the best we have which is the will to share.

While we're all going to keep our own personnal blogs, we're going to use the group blog to talk about mutual projects and show what emulation between like minded folks can make emerge. We'll use the opportunity to show what only a group can come up with and I sincerely hope you'll love it !

You can check out right now the very first presentation post with all the members and be sure you'll soon have content you won't see anywhere else !
We've got games, challenges, topics coming that we'd like to share and this is the opportunity to give you different takes on a given subject in one place !

Astro-porter and complete Colony 87 range painted (so far)

I can tell you that was quite a haul but I've finally managed to finish the complete colony 87 range (both 1st and 2nd waves) with this gorgeous little porter (I know I'm ignoring some familiars) !
In all honesty, this was a bit unusual for me to work on so many model one at a time since I'm usually a great supporter of taylorism applied to the hobby (One sesion for a given colour on models from many different projects...) but since all those are so full of character, they just required the extra attention and I'm quite happy with the result !

Monday 22 February 2016

The underhive baller

Hey all !

Another model done and like many of teh last, it's a Colony 87 one from the first wave released last year. I've been quite balanced as to how to paint this one, it's nearly been an ash waste nomad, a desert trader or even a humble merchant but nothing was exactly capturing my attention. When I got back to the model to start it as a stand alone, things got a bit clearer !

Tuesday 16 February 2016

The Ash waste pilgrim

So after all these Colony 87 models and Mordheim games, I thought it was time for me to get to work with... more colony 87models ! This time I'm going back to wave 1 because with 10 models done out of the 12 available, I feel compelled to finish the whole set (and it's more a pleasure than a chore really).

Friday 12 February 2016

Mordheim Campaign Round 5 : LAW VERSUS CHAOS !!!

Alright, it only was normal to end this campaign by facing the chaos band ! I don't know if it was a fluke or a deliberate choice from the GM but it was brilliant and fitting !
Thought the previous battle had left some of the band's members weakened, I had managed to bring the band to its natural limit (12 models) and add an ogre (would have been silly to keep money since it was the last game !
Let me do a brief recap :
Round one : The lost Prince

This time I would be facing Christophe AKA Bubu AKA Bewbs.

Round 5 : PIT OF CHAOS !

Aquila could smell the stench of chaos in this cave, he knew he had some evil to smite. Mutants, possessed and beatsmen were starting to invade the place. In their unfortune, they woke a giant spider up...

That was all the diversion the knights d'Uralex needed to leave their cover to start getting into position., They'd force the chaotics to split...

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Mordheim Campaign round 3 and 4 : Fight from the heights to the depths

Today, there's not one but TWO battle reports on the menu as teh first one was rather short and simple !
The 3rd game we played during our Mordheim campaign was fougt against the dwarves of Edouard AKA Bood-Wargames.

The scenario we picked was rather unpleasant for me as it implied the champions of Law were split. A poor series of dice rolls meant I had to start the game with a single character on the table and that the opponent had 25% chance of starting on the very same table side as this model... Against all odds heh ?
Funnilly enough the following dice rolls were clearly in my favour as most of the rest of my troops appeared in the back of Bood's units !

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Mordheim Campaign Round 2 - The champions of Law and the quest for Warpstone !

So after the first round against the orcs and goblins, it was time for the knights d'Uralex, proud champions of Law to encounter new foes...
For this second game, I was to face the elves of Thomas AKA Pellox... We were each assigned fragments of Warpstone which could be taken by taking down any hero. The aim was to get as many heroes without losing any...


The quest for Warpstone !

The band had gained a few goods and some fragments of warpstone and they decided to return to their camp. Only problem was that a band of elves was doing exactly the same... As soon as Aquila sensed the elvish presence, he set some of his men to scout the place. They had acountered elves before and he knew this could get stupidly one-sided if wasn't careful enough...

Monday 8 February 2016

Mordheim Campaign Round 1 - The champions of Law and the lost prince...

Alright, this one is an usual one today. I'm back from a whole gaming WE in le Havre in France to meet a bunch of extremely nice enthusiasts and we have managed to play a whole campaign of Mordheim with 5 games in the course of 2 days !
I have to say this was a double first for me as I had never played Mordheim before and never had I played that many rounds of the same game in a row.

To play this campaign, I had selected my champions of Law (played as witch hunters) to keep it oldschool and to have the opportunity to play this warband I took so much pleasure to paint.

Here's a quick (but picture heavy) report of this wonderful WE !


All the tables and games had been prepared by Cédric AKA Punished Ced and believe me when I say he's done one hell of an awesome work. I've rarely played on such magnificent tables and plenty of NPCs were just awaiting for us to roll weird events ! That was GMing brought to an other level really (plus he's the kindest of hosts).

The Elf warband of Thomas AKA Pellox (think about a whole army of Legolas wannabes and you get the idea) :

Chaos agents from Christophe AKA Bubu AKA Bewbs :

The dwarf contingent from Edouard AKA Bood Wargames AKA Bood :

The Norse warband from Lucie :

And the filthy orcs and goblins (or part of) from Noa :

So that was 6 players fighting for glory and a whole lot of other motives in a series of 5 games to enable them to encounter every other player over the WE.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Colony 87 Adviser and completetion of Wave 2 !

I'm pretty sure many of you like that thrill of achievement when painting models. For me it's all about those finishing touches, correcting a detail, painting the base rim or adding the grass tuft. Those moments really fuel me with a great feeling of satisfaction so when those happen at the end of a warband or army, they taste even better ! This time I got an extra kick out of this model for completing the whole Wave 2 of the coming Colony 87 models by Jon/Axiom !

You'll be accustomed now to seeing the great sketches from Will Beck (above) and how the sculpt from Michael Anderson is close to it.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Space fleet - Imperial Fleet

Alright ! After my last poste about my freshly acquired tyranid fleet, it was time fo rme to have a look at the Imperial models I have to see if both forces match or not. Since I haven't been collecting them with a definite plan in mind it's highly unlikely both would be of equal size but the opportunity is also to look at what I have and what I could do with it.

After a couple of trades (and several gifts) over the last 2 years, I've managed to assemble this force with a bit of everything.

Now let's have a look in detail :

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