Monday, 16 May 2022

Rogue Trader Space Marines -Scythes of the Emperor

Hey everyone ! We have something that takes back a bit today with reinforcements for my scythes of the Emperor ! You might recall I had painted all the terminator variants I could need for Space Hulk and had found some closure in that although I could have painted some scouts...
Well looks like the scouts are a little late and I painted 10 marines and a Dreadnought instead !
I have a huge interest in Space HUlk at the moment because I have the oal to play it with the kids soon so I'd rather have options.
Painting beakies might also be my contradictive response to the release of  (and I'm not a Horus Heresy fan) the new Horus Heresy boxset with all sort sof cool models.
ANYWAY, painted models are good models right ?
Now painting wise I've opted for the tried method I've used on the terminators and two of the death eagle marines previously... with a tiny difference... Well two tiny differences.... HUGE differences actually.

The first difference is that those were old marines with a detail definition that was nowhere near the Goodwin terminators and which showed  their age and experience. Definitely not the best candidates to use washes reliant processes...
The second point is that I somehow completely overdid the weathering. INstead of just taking some models from the cabinet and doing the same thing, I just went with how I remembered them and... went further
Now that I'm whipped myself fully and warned you about the lower than usual quality od these guys, they're still painted and therefors good to play :)
The selection of models was pretty simple, I wanted the thirs Death Eagle for completionist reasons and I wanted as many terminator honer guys as well. I had a thirs but he was damaged beyond reason so just filled the ranks with what I had and a librarian because Space Hulk right ?

Now you can see what I was talking about, what overweathered means, hopefull the clean parts someow lift things up a bit !

The librarian's force sword is the only haven of neatness in this ocean of grit ^^

For reasons I don't fully comprehend I wanted a Dreadnought too, I know It's my Space Hulk Force but the Power LIfter Vs ALien Queen scene in Aliens somehow convinced me this could actually make a little sense to have a Dreadnought in the larger corridors. IN hindsight, I guess this is where the smaller legs and thinner frame would make sense !
I felt I had to make it a little fancier so I added a few cables just to give it a little twist.

Despite their third brother being a little dirtier than they are, I'm really glad I have the 3 Death Eagles painted now ! (Thanks a lot to the people that got them into my hands <3 )

I also love the concept of marines with terminator honors but still in power armour, those guys must be the toughest there is.

And also just to show the difference a painting approach makes on the very same model (and I rarely paint a single model twice)

All of this to be ale to field this on the table. I'm not unhappy with those and with 10 scouts and a bunch of Grey knights I'll be completely satisfied with this project ! (OK maybe a Demon Hunter Inquisitor too).
Happy painting to you all !


  1. A fantastic bunch of marines! Love how the scythes pop with the yellow/black colors. The pops of red and blue give them the perfect balance of colors. Question... what color do you use to do that blue power effect? I've been trying somethin similar and can't find a good way to make it work.

    Maybe you went a little overboard on the weathering... but if you had fun doing it then that counts for more! Plus you met the ultimate goal of having them ready for some games! That's most important in my mind!

    1. Hey there, the blue glow is acheived with very thinned washes of AP electric blue then PA air light blue 089 (which is a vivid almost fluo blue) and then PA ice blue G95 !
      I did have fun despite the mistake and I'm really chuffed they're done so everything good in the end !

  2. Brilliant force JB! They really do feel like veterans of a desperate and gritty campaign. You do need to get some scouts done though 😉

    1. It's only a matter of time until I get the missing scouts but I'm really eager to paint them !

  3. Love these, not just the awesome painting but also the trip down memory lane :-)

    1. I wouldn't say the painting has anything awesome to it but it works well enough for the purpose so any painted model in the bank is welcome !

  4. Gritty indeed! Scythes were never on my radar as a chapter until I saw these. Very nicely done and on some of the coolest classic sculpts too.

    Looking forward to those scouts... that is, unless they are those horrible plastic ones from the original Advanced Space Crusade game.... Those were just plan awful.

    1. Cheers, I have to say I find teh ASC scouts pretty good actually. I do plan on using metal ones exclusively though even if a heavy bolter could come in handy with stealers around I reckon !

  5. Incredible work this ... the faces are really well done!

    1. It's honestly far from my greatest work here if I'm honest but it's done, at some point it's what matters first to me !
      Thanks mec !


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