Wednesday 23 July 2014

Irn Bounce and Johny Savuka - Rogue trader warband

So this is the last episode about my rogue trader warband : Space Roger and his galactic farers.

Our 2 new members today are some classics amongst classics :

First in line we have Mario, a space dwarf clad in a carapace armour/space suit. The paintjob is totally not original since it is a straight copy of what I did for all the other members. Beige trousers, red armour and corroded equipment was the recipe. Mario has a few more details with a strange M device on his shoulders, helmet and backpack. I don't know what it stands for but I've decided that this was meant to mean Mario. Come on, a little red guy with pipes on him must be named Mario (he's a dwarf so he has at least a moustache on top of that) you know it makes sense.

I have to say this model was absolutely delightful to paint, very neat and precise and it proved a very quick and enjoyable one to paint.

Monday 21 July 2014

The space skeleton - Rogue trader warband

Today we have 2 new members for Space Roger crew and they're no average guys.

First one is a favourite of mine, the space skeleton.

As you can see I painted this one with bright red colours to fit with the rest of the gang and because  traditionnal white space suit would have looked funny with the bones, offering too little contrast. You can also note I opted for a rather dark bone tone because I wanted our little friend here to look quite old, hence the brownish bones and the very corroded wrench.

Saturday 19 July 2014

Space Roger - Imperial Rogue trader

Her he is, well here they are, Space Roger, galactic rogue trader and his 2 acolytes, the Pherry twins.

They are the 2nd Warband I've build for my sci-fi setting using Rogue trader, confrontation and whatever I may find. 
Like all my gangs and armies, the warband started from the image I had of its leader, in our case, it's the model of the Ventolin pirate from the Rogue trader adventurers range that gave me a hint about what I wanted to do. 
I could see a lot of my RT models had something that could be related to a space suit. I've been meaning to come back to the roots of the original rogue trader as they appear in the eponym rulebook and make a warband of adventurers travelling through the entire galaxy to live amazing adventures in the most classical way.

Thursday 10 July 2014

Collecting Rogue trader Chaos Renegades - part 2

 Alright people, a couple of posts ago ,you may remember I blatantely exposed my chaos renegades collection. Hawk eyes amongst you may have noticed the absence of the mounted renegades. Well, this was because I was still awaiting an important part which I got a few days later.

Picture from the Stuff of Legend

You can see 5 bodies and 2 pair of mounted legs on the photo, "piece of cake" I hear you say?
Nah, collecting is a sport I've not been very familiar with but this little collection and seeing great collectors like Steve Casey, Mutantdale or Axiom has taught me there's always more than meets the eye...

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Connor Mc Lambert - Grey Sensei (and I won a prize again...)

Here he is, Connor Mc Lambert, the grey Sensei !

Some of you may know I've engaged myself in a game of Necomunda during the Oldhammer Week End this summer. This game revolves around the idea of  a crossover between Highlander and the Sensei concept  (as presented in the Realm of Chaos tomes).
The link between the Highlander movies and the sensei concept has been instantaneous for most of the contestants with the immortals, special powers and all.
You can learn far more about the game HERE.

This game will probably be on of the most silly and tongue in cheek of the week-end and every member seems to be awaiting it with great expectations.

Of course I'll be throwing my own sensei in the pit but since some participants like Cheetor have already crossed the line with characters directly inspired from the film , I thought I had to take the opportunity to do a sensei based on Connor McLeod (played by french actor Christophe Lambert).

You may have realised the model does not have a striking resemblance with Christophe Lambert but it's almost intentional...

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