Sunday 31 July 2016

We can do it anywhere - Holiday chaos conversions

I believe you've already noticed that summer was upon us and that with comes Holidays and jours of sunbathing, hiking and visits all around...
All of this is nice and good but does that mean that the vast flows of creativity that inhabit us just just because we're abroad or too close to a beach ? Of course not.
There are always opportunities with kids napping or sleeping at night, little hobby havens for those who just can't really take a break from their little toys...
Since reading cheap literature and taking naps myself is not for me, I've recently opted for a good way (for me) to use free time in holidays (I might reconsider things when I'm not single).

Thursday 28 July 2016

GORECHOSEN : Willy Gutshagger

Long time no see huh ? Well I've been in holidays for a while now and this is still a model I painted before leaving but since I'm getting access to a computer, I thought I could post a little something !

This guy is part of an ongoing challenge with my fellow WIPsters on Scale Creep and I was meant to select an oldschool chaos model to make myself a character to play in the upcoming game GORECHOSEN by GW.
The idea of playing with small lumps of lead against titans of plastic was just enough to motivate me even if the word CHAOS is generally sufficient for me.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Warpriest of Law - Champions of Law season 2

A bit more champions of law today but this one has a little something special !
I've been in contact with Gretchin from Greenstuff Gretchin recently and we've been sharing common interests and ideas for future projects. You might remember she and Axiom did a joint project about an astropath and she's proposed me to convert a champion of Law !
Given how talented she is, I was obviously thrilled !

Thursday 7 July 2016

ZOMBIES ! - I survived the Apoculyps...

Alright, I've just realised the life of a necromancer might actually be VERY tiring. 
How do I know that ? Well you might have seen my brother James and I engaged in a stupid penis measurement challenge earlier.
In short, we were to each paint 8 sci-fi undead from Mantic and the winner would be whoever could come up first with his models done.
Now I fully know it was a foolish move from the start to challenge a man who is able to combine quality and quantity with ease but after all, you only get better by challenging the best !

Aaaand that's how I WON !
Just take a look at the progress report on the Scale Creep and drink the tears of sorrow of those who failed, I've just taken a bath in them so they should still be warm..

If you're more into how it all happened, here's the story :

Tuesday 5 July 2016

The Dragon Master ! - Champions of Law season 2

WOOOOOOHOOO ! I've actually painted a dragon ! 

Of course there's nothing to be particularly proud of since almost everyone has but I have to say I'm pretty chuffed with having this box ticked ! 
I got this model when I went to knavecon in May to play some Frostgrave with my knights of Law along with my WIPster friends. I got the model from Captain "dragonmaster" Crooks and I have to say I was very eager to work on it even if a little intimidated...
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