Thursday 26 June 2014

Redeemed chaos champion : How the emperor loves you more than you hate yourself

Now we come to one of the best parts of the Sensei background. You may remember from the starting post on them that there is a little detail in the rules that intrigued me a lot :

Monday 23 June 2014

Chaos renegades complete collection (part 1) ...


Note from the author : Be prepared for an unhealthy dose of bragging and showing off in the following post, future posts should not stay in that vein or keep that same tone but this one is a sort of cathartic way or releasing the pressure from this long-term quest. Thanks you

Aaaanyway, guess what appeared in the mailbox the other day? Well, I'm going to show you right now :

A Rogue trader Tzeentch renegade? that's all? not even remotely unreleased or limited edition? The kind you could order via the mail order service until the early 2000?

YES ! THAT kind of renegade but the one I've been running after for quite a while and more importantly, the one that seals the first stage of my collection.
I can proudly announce that the collection of foot renegades for my chaos renegade army is now OVER.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Part of my youth : the Fallout soundtrack

Hi all, 

Today's post is only remotely related to the hobby but any of you who has already played the first 2 Fallout games will mostly have had the video gaming experience of their life.

I won't go into the history behind Fallout but it was first published in 1997 and was based on the RPG Wasteland by Steve Jackson (the american one, not the GW one...).

You do not want to try Bob's Iguana bits...

The game is a pearl and I can't count how many games my younger brother and myslef have played, using every kind of character our twisted youthfull brains could come up with...

Monday 16 June 2014

Rogue trader Mad punk

A lot of work in progress at the moment, most of which being for the upcoming Oldhammer week-end in Newmark. This means a grey sensei, a space adventurers gang and on a totally unrelated note the 2nd edition eldar avatar (WIP pics to come to get your thoughts on the process).

The model I have to show today is the Mad punk form the rogue trader adventurers range.

It is a lovely model with some very pretty parts and some more bizarre ones (just look at the size of those gloves) but I found it very pleasant to paint. I am very glad to have a feminine member in the crew at last. She also adds a little more etnic diversity with a middle-eastern scout friend and the halfling which shows in the grim darkness of a dark future there may be only war but not only WASPs fighting it.

Friday 13 June 2014

The space rooster

An here we are with another model. This one arrived last week in the mailbox from my colleague Cheetor/Shoebox and as soon at it arrived, it was based and primed and good to go.

The miniature comes from Interloper Miniatures who produce excellent anthromorphic animals. You can also note that the model has been sculpted by no other than Bob Olley which is always a sign of quality :

I did not mean to paint this one as fast as I did and it was actually very low in my priority list but when I had it in hand I felt compelled to prime it and work on it. in a couple of sessions, it was done to a reasonable standard thanks to the great proportions of textures and details (juts the right ratio to have an easy and lovely model).

Monday 2 June 2014

Give-away results

OK there's been time enough for all the people who wanted to enter the competition to do so. Now is the time to decide who is winning the most sought after reward of all : an unloved model modelled and painted by no other than me with the winner's touch.

Having received nuemrous propositions, I've decided to list them in an Excel Sheet. Why would I do that?, well I'm a engineer during daytime so numbers the lies you can get out of them is part of my job and skills so I guess it came as the way to go for me. That and it is very convenient to actually draw a winner from the list.

Sooooo, here are the entries and their associated propositions :

Looking at the Charts you probably realise that some models inspired the contestants more than the others : 

 But let me show you in a more graphic fashion :

Everybody loves a good pie chart right? No? Ah OK, guess my love of numbers is not shared by all...

Funny to see Aenur and the imperial preacher were the 2 most wanted models with the Slaanesh Daemonette a close 3rd.

So maybe you'll like how I chose a winner ?

Oh yes you're right, with Excel's random command (that's the french version but I'm pretty sure the english one has it too :D)

 Just add a little database search in here...

And we're good to announce the winner! (simple as that).

All it took was a lunchbreak of typing and a few formulas here and there, why give the task to an anonymous online random generator! 

I have to say if I had a D25 I would have obviously opted for it but I'm pretty sure you'd have missed the pie chart even though you won't admit it.

Well you must have understood by the heavy Spoilers in the pictures above who the winner is . I am very happy that Mr Gates via his microsoft software decided to award Warlord Paul of this random because though I've had very friendly contact with most people on the list above, he's been a very enjoyable person to deal with via all this blog/forum/facebook/interwebz thing. (that and his proposition is one of the rare I can actually achieve in a reasonable amount of time...). 
I'm also very happy that the model to get some love is one of those which would have been the least likely to get some attention from me so it's actually a triple win !!!

Now I have to find a way to tie this :


And this :

 You can see there is already a little idea spawning here...

I've actually strated prepping and basing the model and there should be just some little conversion job to make this one look good...

Next post will probably be about another Rogue Trader adventurer OR maybe about the Grey Sensei I'm building for BOYL2014... Only time will tell...

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