Friday 11 December 2020

Confrontation Blood Angel

So you know sometimes some great things happen. You might have noticed I'm a huge confrontation fan, you know, confrontation, Necromunda's ancestor from 1991 ? Well you can read a lot about it if you follow the confrontation tag HERE and amongst the many things that have had a huge impact on my hobby tastes, Les Edwards's incredible artwork is definitely up there !

Monday 7 December 2020

Nurgle Plague Marines

 Greetings all ! As you've probably guessed from the header and title, well I'm still pretty deep into chaos renegades and thought I'd channel my current mojo into getting some of the core troops done !
I've been considering the Nurgle boys for a long time since I had an idea of how to I wanted them to be.

Thursday 26 November 2020

Chaos Terminator Lord

 Alright everyone, now amongst this very unexpected but enjoyable chaotic derailing of my painting queue, there has been an unexpected but enjoyable disturbance (it wouldn't be fun otherwise).
My friends Grove and Crooks were just posting awesome WIP pics of chaos champions up to the post where the urge to build myself one was unbearable.

Friday 20 November 2020

Chaos Traitor Techmarines

So little time ago, I felt the urge to get rid of a robot conversion that had been wandering on my table for waaaay too long. Little time after that , That damned Nico came up with some amazing renegade conversions that left me unable not to get back onto my own renegades.
Thing is, I've had a group of techmarines planned for a while for this arm force (not doing an army) since I have plenty of vehicles and some more troops requiring some.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Ymgarl genestealer

Hey all, now what would be the most iconic monster of the 40k universe ? Well I bet the genestealer will end on the podium right ?
Now of course you probably know how I like to take the most obscure angle on a concept so when I got the chance to get my hands on an Ymgral Genestealer fan sculpt, well there was no real thinking process, just an instant urge to paint one !

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Chaos Corrupted Colossus Robot

So, robots...
Robots are extremely cool period. Chaos is extremely cool as well period. Now Chaos robots are bound to be just super duper cool right ? Well they are.
See, I've had this Colossus wreck in the leadpile for ages and it was so damaged I just figured I could try and hack it to repose it with little risk. 
Many will remember the "special" alternative  AI programming rules for robots but I have to say I loved the many styles of them :

click to return to small image: cat1991ap025smrobots-01.htm.
Picture from Solegends  

Now of course, the Colossus is extremely familiar to those who love the ABC warriors and their leader Hammerstein with his trademark hammer for hand :

ABC Warriors / Characters - TV Tropes

Thing is though, I somehow lost tha hammer hand. And it looks silly let's face it, no elbow or anything ? Really ?
Anyway I need my robot to feel corrupted so I tought some organic arm sprouting out of its shoulder would look cool and somehow reminiscent of something I LOVE (like Gooseflesh inducingly good :

 So that's what I came up with :

The bloter is a modern era version for the simple reason I didn't have any other togive him, I felt like connecting teh weapon to the frame with a sick organic intestin would convey the sense of fresh corruption I was after :

In my quest to cover as many entries for this army little force (I don't do armies you know), I'm quite chuffed to have this one covered, this makes the need of a few techmarines even greater now but evrything in its own time I guess !


Tuesday 10 November 2020

Creepy crawlers - More squigs for the waaagh !

Alright all ! I know Orctober is behind us but you know, the love is still here and strong and for some reason I just really felt like painting those 3 guys. I had got my hand on them after painting the first batch but they came up right at the time I needed some painting fresh air.

Monday 2 November 2020

Fogou Adobe/mudbrick buldings

Hey everyone, so this is a celebration post since I've finally managed to paint my whole Fogou Brickstarter pledge !
This was mostly done during our first lockdown but I somehow got lost in finsihing the very last details, leaving those beauties unfinsihed for way too long ! (quite fun to have it done just as our second lockdown starts)

Saturday 31 October 2020

Night Horror Vampyre

So with my fellow creepers, we've been talking about painting some Halloween related thing because Halloween. And my lazy self wondered what I could possibly paint until I realised one guy was waving his arms at me amongst the mess on the desk.

Tuesday 27 October 2020

6mm shanties and scenery by The Lazy Forger

Hey everyone ! So, not long ago, I was quietly browsing FB and stumbled upon The Lazy Forger's page and damn I took a gut punch right into my 6mm love.
I've been painting epic for less than 2 years now and I've been thinking a lot about making a table since our first lockdown, wondering what sort of vibe I wanted for it or not. 
While I absolutely love the look of the old 'eavy metal pictures, I was not going to do a "giant building standing on the lawn" thing and to some extent I wanted to tie it with what I already have in my 28mm set (being able to use the same mat would be an added bonus because money/space/energy).

Monday 26 October 2020

The Nuln Spearman - Tribute


So after painting one the rarest ork in the world (Tribute), I could only try and paint some even rarer model and what more iconic and elusive model than the nuln spearman ?
You've probably heard about it and know its legendary status as the simplest and yet most unachievable models to come by.

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Braglub, The rarest ork in the world - Tribute

Long time ago, me and my brother Burgers, we was hitchhiking down a long and lonesome road...

Now you are probably aware that there are some models out there that reach absurd levels of fame and price because of their rarity. Amongst those, you can find Braglub. You know Braglub right ?

Picture from Solegends

Monday 19 October 2020

Great Orc mercenary - Happy Orctober !

Alright it's been half the month already and I'm only having an entry for orctober done now ! 

To be honest, after being very orc neutral for years I tend to jump on any occasion to paint some now and after being offered this fine fella by Jamies from Old school miniatures I knew he had to join my band of mercenaries, just look at the swag of him !

Monday 7 September 2020

Necromancers - Legions of Nagash


Hey everyone, so little side step here as I took the opportunity to join a group challenge and clear the desk a little !

When Warcry was released, I didn't feel like starting a fresh new band and the ones that I fancied weren't released yet so I thought the smart thing to do was to build on top of my sepulchral guard, I just needed a necromancer (quickly bought and built) and a few more skeletons (quickly built from kits I had around) and that was the promise of great things. Fast forward a few months, world pandemic and all the stuff you know and I hadn't touched any of my additions when Sho3box offered a joint challenge for us to each paint a couple of wizard/apprentice in anticipation of Frostgrave Season 2.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Astropolis Robots

You probably know how some projects have the ability to jump to the top of the queue in the most unexpectedly way ? Well that happened during lockdown when looking for an astropolis fleet officer, I realised I had all those little robots who could be done in little time and boost my mojo.

Thursday 30 July 2020

Zombie slayer or... zombie slayer ?

Alright now, little time ago, Jamie from Oldschool Miniatures kindly sent me an orc  and added this unreleased zombified slayer to paint.
Well dwarves are cool, slayers doubly so and zombies on top ? Say no more, this guy (sort of) quickly moved to the top of the queue.
It's a really cool sculpt from Juan Montano, full of oldschool charm, that paints really well.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Rogue trader Lord of change

Alright so a few days ago, one of my fellow hobbyists Mus submitted amongst plenty other things that we do a little group challenge and each paint a greater demon. 
That's of course a brilliant idea in itself but it inrigued me even more because of this :

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Miniatures without borders !

Hey everyone,

I would like to talk about something dear to me this time. I've ben lucky to be part of  a group of hobbyists who've decided to give a little something back to those who need it.
A big raffle has been created with great names each giving a prize (just look at the names in the link or look at the models of the mysterious donors and you'll understand ^^) and I happen to have humbly given something as well
You can check this video to see what I mean :

The aim is to gather money for doctors without borders (médecins sans frontières) as a token of gratitude and to push things the right way because every drop can form an ocean.

miniatures-without-borders-37273.png miniatures-without-borders-36946.pngminiatures-without-borders-36950.pngminiatures-without-borders-36945.png

I cannot stress the importance to make our hobby part of teh solution enough so by all means, have a look and surely you'll be able to spare a few coins (imagine you're not spending that on a kit that will spend its life unpainted in a drawer) and hopefully win some fantastic piece in return while helping in the right direction !

Monday 22 June 2020

The Necroferrum Zone

Hey all, are you the kind to work on a single project at a time, one after the other, or are you the kind to just work on as many as you can to always have one you want to work on ?
I'm afraid I'm deeply into the 2nd category and that goes for models and terrain alike ... ^^

Now while it can be frustrating and confusing, it also comes with the tremendous satisfaction of having stuff that's nearly finished you can just en in a session or two and get that wonderful feeling of achievement !
Well lock down for me has been the occasion to put the finishing touches to a lot of pieces of scenery which might not work on their own but which will be pretty important for future projects.

Monday 18 May 2020

Warlord titans - Epic!

Wow so that's another pair of big boys done ! I guess there is a good side to this lockdown after all (which ended last week for us). Now since this has been a great opportunity to finish models that had been way too long unloved on the table, I realise I simply had my eyes bigger than my stomach so breaking a big projects into several smaller and manageable ones was the right thing to do, that's how these two guys got finished !

Monday 20 April 2020

Imperial Reavers Titans - Epic

Hey folks, now today I'm REALLY pleased to share those, I've started painting a bunch of titans a few months ago and the loss of gaming goals (conventions and games planned being canceled) has left me with a lot more freedom as to what to paint !
Now of course this is sad in many ways but there's a silver lining here and that means I can turn my attention to projects that have suffered a bit lately !

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Death Eagles - Scythes of the Emperor

OK so recently I've had a huge interest because of my friend Curis's excellent marines and the relase of the 5th chapter of Astartes, now that meant I had an itch to paint some and the only way to scratch was to do these 2 Death eagles kindly donated by my friend Adrien.

Friday 3 April 2020

Empire mercenary band - Mordheim

Alright, one project done ! After doing the first 6 members if this band in groups of 3 I thought I had the colour scheme well in hand to finish the last 7 in one go !
this takes me to a total of 13 (eeew scary...) and provides me with many options to grow the band throughout a campaign I hope.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Baby Yoda (spoiler free)

Ok folks, hope you're all enjoying the quarantine or enjoying your time before you get into qurantine as well !
Just a quick one today, my friend Michael (that generous prick) has printed plenty of cool stuff for us lately and amongst themany things he's helped us with, he 's thrown a little baby yoda he had found on Thingiverse. Now if you're any real g33k you must have watched the Mandalorian by now, if you haven't yet I won't spoil anything (or much, baby Yoda is a spoiler in itself after all) but really you should treat yourself with the most decent piece of Star wars in decades, loved it.

Now the sculpt is a bit soulless and probably doesn't channel the same insane amount of cuteness as the original character does but y'know, it's baby yoda and I bet I'd be more than glad to have some bounty hunters retrieve it and fight for it in a game so all in all with the pretty rapid PJ I think it was a worthy way to spend time and have that item checked off.

Friday 13 March 2020

Chaos Ogryn !

Quick one this time, my buddy Pete had the kindness to hand me one of those chaos ogryns he got sculpted by Jason from Thunderchild Miniatures so it kinda had to jump on top of the paint queue !

Monday 2 March 2020

Shadows under Bogenhaced - Immortal... Immortal !

Last WE was one of those a few friends and I had been eagerly waiting for over the past year. We had the chance to have a rather long gaming WE (starting on Tuesday evening till sunday morning).
The game played was a Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (WHFRP) scenario, part of a broader campaign, this was my first game in this campaign while other players had already quite a few games under the belt but there was absolutely no way I could let this opportunity go to play with great people with excellent models on the most fascinating table I've seen !

Sunday 23 February 2020

Mordheim mercenary band - More puff and more slash

Hey there, still working on the mercenary band for Mordheim, I've decided to go with the big hitters now with a champion and 2 sword players.
This guys still have the extravagant style the others had but you can also tell they're more about showing giant pieces of steel through other people's skulls than anything !

Sunday 26 January 2020

Mordheim Mercenary band

Greetings all, I'm pretty chuffed to be able to show you the start of this new project ! It's been taking a while as a back burner but now I feel like I have the good hang of it and should be able to move at good speed !
I've wanted to do an empire/mercenary band for Mordheim for a while now and have been slowly collecting the right models to convey the particular vibe I wanted to channel.

Thursday 9 January 2020

Rogue Trader C100 Marines and LE2 Marine

 Hey everyone, hope you've had nice winter (or summer depending on your hemisphere) celebrations and you're all ready to have more fun in this new year !
I've decided to start mine with another painting challenge, after the one around Trish's work and Bob Olley's, here's the third edition now focusing on the work of Bob Naismith !

Now amongst the many great models he's sculpted, I knew I wanted to use that opportunity to finally paint the C100 marines I had treated myself with a couple of years ago. The C100 marines and the LE2 marine are as iconic as you can get in the Rogue Trader universe and they've been the founding stone for so much they were a no brainer.

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