Friday, 3 April 2020

Empire mercenary band - Mordheim

Alright, one project done ! After doing the first 6 members if this band in groups of 3 I thought I had the colour scheme well in hand to finish the last 7 in one go !
this takes me to a total of 13 (eeew scary...) and provides me with many options to grow the band throughout a campaign I hope.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Baby Yoda (spoiler free)

Ok folks, hope you're all enjoying the quarantine or enjoying your time before you get into qurantine as well !
Just a quick one today, my friend Michael (that generous prick) has printed plenty of cool stuff for us lately and amongst themany things he's helped us with, he 's thrown a little baby yoda he had found on Thingiverse. Now if you're any real g33k you must have watched the Mandalorian by now, if you haven't yet I won't spoil anything (or much, baby Yoda is a spoiler in itself after all) but really you should treat yourself with the most decent piece of Star wars in decades, loved it.

Now the sculpt is a bit soulless and probably doesn't channel the same insane amount of cuteness as the original character does but y'know, it's baby yoda and I bet I'd be more than glad to have some bounty hunters retrieve it and fight for it in a game so all in all with the pretty rapid PJ I think it was a worthy way to spend time and have that item checked off.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Chaos Ogryn !

Quick one this time, my buddy Pete had the kindness to hand me one of those chaos ogryns he got sculpted by Jason from Thunderchild Miniatures so it kinda had to jump on top of the paint queue !

Monday, 2 March 2020

Shadows under Bogenhaced - Immortal... Immortal !

Last WE was one of those a few friends and I had been eagerly waiting for over the past year. We had the chance to have a rather long gaming WE (starting on Tuesday evening till sunday morning).
The game played was a Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (WHFRP) scenario, part of a broader campaign, this was my first game in this campaign while other players had already quite a few games under the belt but there was absolutely no way I could let this opportunity go to play with great people with excellent models on the most fascinating table I've seen !

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Mordheim mercenary band - More puff and more slash

Hey there, still working on the mercenary band for Mordheim, I've decided to go with the big hitters now with a champion and 2 sword players.
This guys still have the extravagant style the others had but you can also tell they're more about showing giant pieces of steel through other people's skulls than anything !

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Mordheim Mercenary band

Greetings all, I'm pretty chuffed to be able to show you the start of this new project ! It's been taking a while as a back burner but now I feel like I have the good hang of it and should be able to move at good speed !
I've wanted to do an empire/mercenary band for Mordheim for a while now and have been slowly collecting the right models to convey the particular vibe I wanted to channel.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Rogue Trader C100 Marines and LE2 Marine

 Hey everyone, hope you've had nice winter (or summer depending on your hemisphere) celebrations and you're all ready to have more fun in this new year !
I've decided to start mine with another painting challenge, after the one around Trish's work and Bob Olley's, here's the third edition now focusing on the work of Bob Naismith !

Now amongst the many great models he's sculpted, I knew I wanted to use that opportunity to finally paint the C100 marines I had treated myself with a couple of years ago. The C100 marines and the LE2 marine are as iconic as you can get in the Rogue Trader universe and they've been the founding stone for so much they were a no brainer.

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