Wednesday 3 November 2021

Frolmec Heads from Katsina miniatures

Hey folks, I hope everything's going for the best. I'm still in the middle of moving house so things are quiet on the painting desk and messy everywhere else but that should all come back in shape soon enough (famous last words)

Now just before packing everything up I had managed to knock a few of these gorgeous Frolmec Heads (see the pun ?) from Katsina Miniatures from their latest Kickstarter.

They are finely sculpted, paint up very well and fast and I reckon they make up for the kind of neat objective markers in games or just as scatter terrain to give an otherwordly feel to your setting.

I did get a set of absolutely fantastic frogmies from them and although I'm still pondering about what colour scheme I want for them, there's no doubt that they are exquisite models and I mean it. Cute, delicate, full of character, they're one of my next warbands for whatever game will have them ! Doti really outdid herself on those.

Now take a look at some of what Katsina have produced over time and tell me you don't wish for more ? 


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