Monday 29 January 2024

Wicker Man and Magic Stones

So I have this gaming week end planned in March involving Celtic barbarians, demons of the sea and weird worshippers of giant worms. While I'm not meant to bring a whole table's worth of scenery, I thought it would be silly not to paint and bring the related scatter terrain kindly printed for me by my mate Michael.

Monday 22 January 2024

The Eldar Avatar of Khaine

Hey everyone ! it's the end of January already but happy new year to all of you, hoping 2024 brings you as much happiness and achievement as you need !
So last year I foolishly let myself embak on a "tale of gamers" kind of challenge focused on 2nd ed 40k. After being tempted by tyranids but realising wi only had like half the points in models, I looked at the obvious choice, chaos, but I only have troops now left to aint so nothig to make a proper list of. 
Then some old friends came and knocked at the door after a 10 years hyatus : the Eldar.
It had been exactly 10 years since I last stripped and reassembled my army !
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