Thursday, 26 November 2020

Chaos Terminator Lord

 Alright everyone, now amongst this very unexpected but enjoyable chaotic derailing of my painting queue, there has been an unexpected but enjoyable disturbance (it wouldn't be fun otherwise).
My friends Grove and Crooks were just posting awesome WIP pics of chaos champions up to the post where the urge to build myself one was unbearable.

Now that's the sort of thing that happens between friends so I quickly went to check a few bits for the Captain and found the start of an idea from years back. AND I WAS DONE.

You can see the idea right ? The legs were too small and bent forward though so I quickly went to pic a second ed terminator I had and started carving, sawing, drilling, dremelling, up to the point where I had to put a 6mm drill bit on the power drill to carve that bloody white metal.
Why on earth did I decide to do a mostly white metal conversion, I don't know, I just don't, but I did, that's the sort of guy I am.

Blunt force and savagery prevailed though as I found myself with a converison that looked pretty close to what I had in mind from the start !

It only took a bit of green stuffing during a conf call to end up with something I could undercoat and hopefully get painted in time to post along my buddies.

Painting wise, the frst half was a no brainer, the black armour is the signature of my chaos force so that's not going to change. But coming to the cloak I was tempted to go with the usual red and cream I splash on 90% of my models. There was something else to be done though and after consulting my friends, the idea of a flayed skin cloakproved to be more tempting than any other.

The interior of the pelt finally ended red after a grey try because I needed some contrast and to lift the focus up a bit.

I have to say the flayed skin cloak was done without thinking much and following steps suggested, at this minute I'm not entirely sure about how I feel about it, I don't think it's shit but I'm not sure if it's clear/easy to read enough or if it was worth it or how it could have been better in the same amount of time.

To be honest, this model was painted over the course of 2 days which is stupidly short for me so I haven't actually fully appropriated it already. I'm still very chuffed about having it done (in time)  though !

Like many people do (GW first), I rasied the base of my character to make him stand a bit, it's a cheap trick I know but there was so much I could do with the dynamism (and I went as far as the bits allowed I think). I reckon he suits with the other terminators though despite the difference in age of the model and paintjob !

So this arm FORCE is still growing and is still proving enjoyable (like teh orks by the way), finishing it (as in having painted every model of the range) isn't an unachievable dream anymore and I mght very well end up with the chaos force I've always fantasised to have !


  1. This guy really is great. He's got that malevolent presence that any chaos champion should have, from his fear-inducing flayed skin cloak, to that sinister look out of the corners of his eyes!

    The conversion is seamless. Just looking at the painted pics, I can't tell where the individual components start or finish, or even where they came from.

    Love this guy!

    1. I think you won't be surprised it's mostly Goodwin parts ! The torso isn't though, it's from Archaon's second version, the terminator captain with shooting bolter had the arm I needed to turn that very fantasy torso into a sci-fi one !

  2. That's some epic piece you made here buddy. Chaos Lords in Terminator armour always had a big amount of charisma, and this one is up to the task to say the least. Really awesome piece of work. The greatness of Archaon's sculpt is very well integrated to your own creativity. Fact that you used heavy duty tools to achieve this makes it even better ^^

    1. As silly as it is, there's a joy to be had from using power tool on tiny models !
      Thanks mec !

  3. You did that in two days. Two. Days. I'm crying.
    The paintjob is fantastic, but the conversion itself is amazing, I love how you combined the bits and how everything looks in place. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks, I'm really glad it worked in the end !

  4. Those pieces you started with really bring me back. Exactly the time period I started in the hobby! (2002ish right?) Phenomenal conversion & paintjob. I know what you mean about appropriating your models after a short paint period.

    1. There's a bit of late 90's with the 2nd ed terminator parts, a bit of 2002 with Archaon's upper body and a bit of 2010's with some plastic terminator bits.
      I'm glad I'm not the only one needing to appropriate models !

  5. Amazing effort Mec! Truly a glorious achievement for the dark gods.


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