Tuesday 30 May 2023

Fogou Mud Brickstarter 2

Hey all ! If you've been reading this blog a few times, you might have noticed I'm a bit of a Fogoumaniac and well, Fogou just happen to be releasing their new Kickstarter at the moment ! YAY !
I had got the first Mud Brickstarter a while ago and I was eager to get the new ones to expand my setting a bit !

You have to know I'm not exactly a big fan of painting terrain, I find it long and unrewarding for a while before it finally clicks and you get a huge satisfaction and I very rarely get to play so I don't  use what I paint as much as I would love to, however, I've said it many times but it bears repeating, Fogou scenery is extremely painter friendly and that changes the whole thing. It means it's not an effort anymore, it's a pleasure and that means completing what appears as a mammoth task at first is usually a cake walk.
- No release agent to remove, you can paint it straight out of the box
- Great textures that take washes and drybrushes perfectly, making the model work for you
- No gaps to fill, no joints to trim, no bubbles to fill
Being able to avoid those tedious steps is huge , my only preperation whatsoever is to sand the bases flat on a sandpaper sheet and a quick water rinse afterwards to remove the dust but it's just me overdoing it, it's not really necessary.

So Painting wise, I wanted the new pieces to fit in with the previous ones so I went to look in my own blog for the recipe which luckily enough I had recorded HERE. From here it was just following a trusted process !

You can notice I've added a bit more decorations and sci-fi elements on this season's buildings.

A fancy addition I wanted on the dome building was a big antenna which I made from plastic bits and a Lego antenna with a pair of magnets to be sure whoever knocks it off doesn't destroy anything.
It's actually a pir of magnets, one for strength and one just so that it automatically centers and puts itself in place seamlessly.

For an unknown reason I also had a coupld of door frames from the previous KS I hadn't painted (I must have forgotten them in the package amongst some foam pellets) so I've added those to the set to paint as well !

That gives me quite a nice mudbrick town for ash wastes, frontier worlds and all and it easily fills a 3*3 table so perfect for the kind of games I like ! I can go to town now adding scatter terrain and decorations to give a bit more life to it.

 I'm extremely happy with those and like everytime I paint some Fogou, I feel my mojo boosted to paint more terrain and more models afterwards so that's an absolute win on all counts.

Go check the ongoing kickstarter HERE and treat yourself for that north african table, that Starwars Tattooine set or that Ash waste world table you've been meaning to do for a while, I can guarantee it's scenery you'll always be glad to get on your table top !

ou can also check the back catalogue for equally awesome sets if you miss any, go check their store HERE.


  1. Fantastic work; love the colors. I second the joy of painting Fogou, it's fantastic terrain! I missed the first mud brick KS, but after seeing work like yours I couldn't help it and I had to have some mud brick buildings for myself!

  2. Like them mate. The light blue accents are a great addition

    1. Thanks a lot ! I felt it needed a cultural signature of some sort !

  3. So danm beautiful! Besides, your additions make them just perfect!

    1. COming from a great world builder as yourself, that means a lot, thanks mec !


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