Thursday 8 June 2023

The explorator by 28


Hey all you wonderful people ! A while back, some of you might have seen 28mag were announcing a future line of models named "Fist in the Eye" and teasing a very cool model. Well I was kindly offered to paint a version of my own and it's been both an honour and a pleasure to do it (although a long process with a house move in between) !
The miniature is based on awesome concepts from the Talented Nicky Grillet who offered a different take on the subject of murder hobboes with a more adventurous and observative explorator, check out her outstanding art with a wide range from grimdark modelling to delicate evocative characters !

The model has been sculpted by the most excellent Andrew May who's been sculpting for several great ranges like blackcrabminiatures, Folk Horror and some Colony87 (for the ones I own), he's managed to render the concept art to the letter and the outcome is as painter friendly as ever !

I know the brief with the miniature stated I could (and should) convert it to my heart's content but honestly, there are some miniatures that hit it from the start and I just wanted to give it a life of my own ! (We'll see how a second one would end  though :) )

Painting wise, I tried to stay with earthly colours (which I tend to favour in my fantasy models along with a few touches of colour to echo Nicky's style, I tried an impressionist take on the flames which works for me, it's nothing realistic but  like ofte, it works far much in real life than in photos (ink glazes are fun to give some vibrance to colours but they make odd light reflections)

I had actually prepared the model in case my WHFRP character died last week end (she would have been her avenging hidden daughter I guess) but it turns out good Ol' Gregor stayed alive and now she can just find a party of her own to face the perils of a wide world !

I know very little (actually nothing) about what other miniatures could be like but if they are as good as this one, then it's one classy range of models ahead !

Speaking of WHFRP, I'm almost finished typing the report of my third game in our ongoing campaign and the cliffhanger we've been left in is devouring my guts !!!


  1. Really intriguing model I admit.
    You honoured her pretty nicely with your painting!

  2. That really is a lovely piece of art and the sculpt a perfect physical representation for sure.

    She seems a little on the tall side compared to your examples in the photos, perhaps 32mm rather than 28/heroic?

    Will be interesting to see what other offerings in the range end up being.

  3. Lovely work. I like the muted colours contrasting with her vibrant hair and torch flame!

  4. Fantastic work on so many levels. Loving the choice of making her hair purple :)


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