Thursday, 10 June 2021

An invisible Menace ! - Crystal resin Ymgarl genestealer


Hey folks, here's an odd one again !
You might remember me painting a fan sculpt of Ymgarl Genestealer earlier, well I was lucky enough to get a clear resin cast of it !
How awesome is that ? Very much indeed.
The clear  resin one was a one piece cast so its middle left limb was playing bowling instead of  trying to squeeze other people's groin like my painted one. Other than that, they're the exact same model but that enables to have a threat you can't reaaly see or aim at.
I'm really eager to implement that in a game.

It might be a bit far fetched to call this one painted but I did paint the base and gave it a coat of gloss to make it more transparent since some surfaces were a bit dull from the casting process.

If it bleeds we can kill it !


  1. Je ne sais pas ce que c'est, mais bravo !

    1. C'est un petit groupe indé, tu les connais pas.

  2. I really like that model, and so cool in clear. Congrats on getting so lucky, and thanks for sharing.

  3. It's the jungle. It just came alive and took him... Awesome and it'd make a great game if you get the mechanics right for the creature's invisibility.

  4. Very special miniature, I had never thought about how invisible beings could be made. However, I did not understand if you produced it yourself or if you bought it. A decidedly creepy monster!

  5. Inspired by Thantsants' comment above, I made these.
    Couldn't decide which one I preferred, so have both:



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