Monday 1 December 2014

Dadhammer - episode 2 (where I scrathbuild a spaceship and a dragon)

Real life sometimes robs you of your hobby time (when real actual robbers don't actually really rob you ...).
Amongst the many forms it can take, it seems real life favours that of young children, those creatures seem to be like "life elementals" or lesser demons of "life".
Any true man has to stand firm and be up to his responsabilities. This does not mean one has to lose opportunities to have some fun hobby time. So for the second time I decided to use my hard-earned modelling techniques for some Dadhammer (see episode one HERE)

When my 4 year old lesser demon of life asked me for a spaceship, I saw the challenge in it. A big cardboard box and some clever cuts after that, I had the frame for it...

A little scale test and pannel check...everything seems to be OK...

Just draw shapes and mask with tape....

Throw a black prime and some outstanding NMM effects with a grey spray and here you are ! In little time this space suit has become Noah's Ark to travel though the entire galaxy !

Next step was when my personnal little life elemental got her birthday... Birthday parties require birthday cakes...
Birthday cakes need to be cool so that lesser demons of life are pleased with them...

This is how I decided to summon and bound a dragon made of flour, egg, sugar, butter and chocolate (with added smarties and pinepapple leaves).

I then unleashed the dreaded dragon on the tabletop

That's when they all said "Woah! A dinosaur !"

After that, the dragon was sacrificed on the altar of Life to please the lesser demons along with some other offerings, the weird and sisturbing noises that followed must have been a mark of satisfaction ...

After that, I thought I was done with them but just before going to bed, my lesser demon of life saw a female inquisitor model on my desk. Here is hw things turned :

"- Dad, is this a lady?

- yes she is darling, now put her down will you ?

- What colour are you going to paint her ?

- Errm , I don't know... probably black and blue...

- I want you to paint her pink.

- Oh hum, you know daddy doesn't really enjoy painting pink you know ?

- You don't now how to paint pink ?

- [COUGH] EErm, yes I do , it's just... I don't quite fancy it...

- Can you paint her pink PLEEEEASE ! (winks several times)

- Oh huuum, OK....

- MUMMY ! Dad is going to paint the lady in pink for me !
- ..."
This is how I ended up painting a model pink...or partly pink because I'm kind of a cheater. Anyway, half of her is pink and I'm hating every second of it... But Life is right and has got to be praised in some ways right?


  1. Life is strange being a parent isn't it JB?

    I'm currently in the throws of introducing my son to WFRP, but I have to keep in mind that he is too young to accept his character dying, graciously :)

    That cake looks great..... I feel hungry!

    And no,I haven't forgotten about the shields stuff either :p


    1. I can't wait to have my first try with my kids ! I'll rule light and that will be OK I think.

      The cake did not get much success probably because the buggers were already full of sweets before it even touched the table !
      I enjoyed it with the missus though ;)

  2. "Lesser daemon of Life" - that, sir, is the perfect description. My two are manifesting all over the place at the moment...

    1. Cool cake, by the way!

    2. I believe we enjoy the "summoning ritual" a little too much to realize what the consequences will be...
      That said, I am more than getting often tons of fun from these creatures, I guess the pencil marks on the walls, broken objects and torn books are the price to pay fir that kind of fun !

    3. Thick could have been better if I had been allowed cyanoacrylate and Greenstuff but I had to do with given ingredients ;)

  3. Hey, Mr. ALMan, it's always nice to get away from the 28mm stuff to game with the 800 to 1000mm scale stuff, isn't it? I thought the cake looked great, clearly a dragon too! Looking forward to the pink lady, and happy birthday to your daughter.

    1. I'm growing accustomed to larger scale with the kids !

      If you like the cake I'll make you a nice perry dwarf cake fro your own B-day !

    2. A Perry Dwarf Cake!!!?!! Oh yeah! And not just for birthdays! For everyday festivities! And for the weekends - Bob Olley Iron Claw Squat Cupcakes! Yeah! Mr. ALMan, I think you have come upon a great new business venture! I'll place a humble request for two cakes and half a dozen cupcakes please.

    3. Now i'm starting to consider doing recasts of the greatest of chocolate; just how more awesome than this can you get ?

  4. Enough of the cake. I wanna see a Pink Inquisitor ;)

    1. I tried to rework the pink dress and it looks a little better only. I've made better progress on my RT prostitutes though so expect seeing them soon enough !

  5. looking forward to the pink one! ha haa!
    just annoyed at my sudden weak willed desire for chocolate cake,,,

    1. You like PInk? I would have bet so ;)

      I've actually shied from a completely pink model and only half of it will be pink. I've also never really painted pink before and have made drastic mistakes. Good thing is I've got some help from some pros and kinda fixed that.

      She'll be released before Xmas.

      Don't fight the desire for chocolate, it's totally natural !


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