Thursday 25 December 2014

A Christmas Tale - Dadhammer episode 3

 This time of year again...

The everlasting battle between chaos and law, evil and good is finding another battleground on this holy day....

"Come on Vixen ! I'm telling you that awful thing with Prancer and Comet was just an accident ! Look, I brought you a present, now come here will ya?"

"Do you think I'm a newborn Claus? You think I didn't see how you got rid of Cupid and Dasher? I know you mean to sell these sacred woods, why would you need them when you've already fired most of the elves"

"- Damn Vixen, you were always the clever one ! Look, things ain't easy as they seem ya know? With that financial crisis and amazon getting most of the orders nowadays, there ain't no reason left for me to break my back on this mission no kid cares about...

- You're wrong Claus, and you know it. As long as ONE child still believes it is our duty to make it true, we will do it. If you abandon all hope now, what will these woods become ? Some random wasteland or what ? Reindeers and elves don't die, they go to heaven and regroup ! "

At this point, there was no place left for words, the axe in the middle of the field was there for all to see as an invitation to settle this for good...

" Vixen, oh Vixen... I know you did all this with the purest of intentions... Please don't judge me too hastily, you know I've suffered my share too, and I  COUGH COUGH aaaargggh, Vixen, take care of them all, the elves, the reindeers and the COUGH COUGH... and the KIDS, don't let them down..."

"You poor old fool, you know I won't... Now find some rest old man, you've diserved it"

The end


OK, I couldn't help to use the opportunity I had to play a little when I made the Chistmas Log. Since I also got a new camera it felt like the right thing to do.

Maybe I'm a fool, maybe I should just rest for a while too, maybe I should not cover the icing on the log like I was basing scenery (see basing material below)

Cinnamon biscuits as basing material, yummy yummy !
Anyway, the new camera seems really cool and I can't wait to use it for the coming projects.

Merry Christmas to you all and yours !

(The log was a killer by the way ;) )


  1. Looks very yummy! Now bring on the Perry Dwarf cake already! Merry Christmas to you, Mr. ALMan!

    1. This is only a beginning...

      Many thanks and a very merry Christmas to you too!


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