Tuesday 25 June 2024

Inq et nunc - Inquisitor Wendig's acolytes


Hey everyone !

So following the release of my first 54mm inquisitor, I wanted to do his retinue soon after. With a good bucnh of models to pick from, I had to think about the kind of band I wanted this one to be.
I see Joos Wendig as a rather fresh puritan kind of Inquisitor, sort of "by the book" agent but not too broken to make him an overrigid psychopath (yet) so I wanted him to still rely on his organisation and hence have a more military/organised look.
So I picked a couple of models that had similar parts (like the quilted parts) and decided to give a coherent colour scheme.

The weapons share the same military green colour as Wendig's shotgun and although the colours aren't the exact same, I used a combo of red and grey to make them look good with him. I opted to give them a darker red and different greys to make him stand out while still being linked.
I also decided pretty early one I wanted each of my bands to have a sort of familiar/mascot so I thought the servo skull suited him nicely

The first is based on Damian Bloodhound which I got the parts of in a "too cheap to miss it" joblot on eBay a while ago, he's missing parts and had his fist already drilled to receive Barbaretta's shield so I decided to keep the idea which actually was a solid one and adapted his pose to rest the gun on it which seems like a good guerilla strategy (wearing a helmet would be even better though)
That sort of saves the original pose which looked odd with the open hand.
Rack Eastley is a former PDF agent, his expeditive methods and rather simple straightforward thinking caught the wendig's eye who recruited him on the spot.

Since the model is a vraiant of Slick Devlan, it's still sporting 2 empty holsters so I filled those with pistol handles to make it less odd !

The pilot is quite an old model (even by Inquisitor's standard), I can't recall the name of the brand but I think it was an italian one and it came with a metal textured base, I might still have the plastic bag it came in.
The scale is not exactly the same as inquisitor models (which are all over the place anyway), the height being compatible but proportions being different and not as heroic as GW's output. It's tsill a fantastic miniature and I tried to avoid the trap to paint every little detail because it would have taken an infinite time and would have looked way too busy. Like when painting Bob Olley's models, sometimes it's OK to just let the sculpting speak for itself instead of picking every thing in a different colour. I really like the military look of him in consequence.
I also opted to make him a little older whith white eyebrows. I reckon he's a smart agent, very useful for all the technical tasks like piloting crafts abut also data retrieval and planning.

Samuel X Perry is quite the opposite of his colleague Rack, he's wise, smart enough to know when to act or not and always thinking ahead, he's also well aware that his colleagues qualities can complement his own and therefore aren't a source of conflict. Wendig's moral righteousness has earned Perry's trust and loyalty, he's rather risk his life for someone who has a goal and means he respects than some of his former officers, and if he can help shape the Inquisitor into a decent agent for a while longer, it can't harm.

Ed-4CH3 is a servo-skull from a long gone imperial agent, it was assigned quite early on Wendig's journey before he had agents of his own and would need technical assistance. Ed-4CH3 is an old unit though, glitchy at the best of times, using making facts up, distorting reality. Although many of the technical tasks have been handed over to Sam Perry,  Ed-4CH3 affectionately nicknamed "head canon" by the crew is still a very reliable asset when it comes to scouting ahead or landing fire power.

So that's my first 54mm Inquisitor band finished !
I have to say this projects has been very refreshing, different enough to breath some fresh air into my hobby and just familiar enough so I can just enjoy the process. Painting with a couple of dear friends makes it even better.
All to say I've just primed the next band and have probably a couple more in me (definitely in the boxes at least) !
Enjoy Joos Wendig's full band, you'll see the ones done by my compadres as well and hopefully we can have them all on a tabletop in a not too distant future !


  1. These are fantastic! They totally give off the militaristic no-nonsense vibe you wanted. Who needs daemon blades and xenos companions when you have sturdy flak armour and shotguns?

    The use of similar colours across the group ties them together nicely. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks, I also wanted to set a standard, a sort of baseline, that makes the other bands from here different, I also quite like the idea of fighters using nothing but resolve, skill, good gear and a bit of luck to achieve their missions.
      And the next band will be far weirder so I should have another kind of fun then !

  2. So cool. Especially liking "Head Canon"'s name.

    1. Love him so much he got 2 puns for the price of one !

  3. They're really nice models with a lot of character. Rack Eastley in particular looks like the kind of reliable henchman who would never turn around and desert his comrades. I really like the shading of the black and grey elements.

    1. Thanks, that scale is oddly easier to work with than 28mm scale models of the same size for some reason, it's probably due to the proportions being closer to the ones in smaller scales, dunno.
      I reckon Rack is that kind of guy indeed, I'm eager to figure if it's the case on the tabletop !

  4. Those are really cool additions, I like the way both of them fit into the retinue, yet being such different sculpts. I love them.

    1. Thanks, I wasn't exactly sure they could fit with one another at first and if painting alone could make it work but I guess one should never underestimate the power of a consistent paintjob over different models ! Thanks a lot !

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm really enjoying this project, already working on the next band now !


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