Wednesday 20 October 2021

Fogou Shack me up ! - More Junktown scenery

Hey everyone ! It's been a while but with summer vacations it's sometimes hard to find the opportunities to get to your brushes, I reckon many will know the feeling. I've had plenty of fantastic stuff on the desk however so I was eager to get it all done and show you !

The first piece that started it all was this new release from Fogou's upcoming KS : Shack me up !, it's made to fit with all their previous pieces so far and will suit a Fogou Fort Hardknox so get yourself some !

The tower cleverly comes in sections for each storey with removable floor which will let you assemble as tall or short towers as you want !

I think the size is really cool to give a real 3rd dimension to your favourite shanty town and I'll add more of them when the KS airs !

This is just one of the many options I had the chance to paint as a promo but go check the KS Page and you will see several other painted examples and the options : LINK HERE

Of course I couldn't resist putting it amongst the other parts of my scenery and despite it growing quite slowly, it's taking shape and in a way I quite fancy !

With that tower on the table, I HAD to get on with the remnants of my Hardknox set, so I used that renewed motivation to get this huge tower done as well :

And this section that works as an alternative for a wall section is you want it :

And just to extend the perimeter of the fort I painted 3 more wal sections

And the walkways that go behind them :

Now there are also 2 broken walls and an alternate gate frame that are good at what they're meant to do but just as good as stand alone pieces or to decorate other sections :

I am absolutely delighted that the newest stuff fits so well with the older pieces painted 2 years ago, I bet in a few months I won't be able to tell which were painted when.

Aaaaand just because I always like to add more work to what I do, I slapped some paint and some posters on that billboard from the most excellent Dunkeldorf range. You might recognise a few faces in here, they're the absolute worst you'll find :

And here's a piece I really wanted to add to the set as well, the scrap gate from the also excellent Crooked Dice (who got me well aroused for the next Colony 87 batch coming). This is a fantastic piece with removable signs that let you make the name of the town you want out of the options and I find the best options are covered if you're a Fallout fan like me !

Also for some reasons I was in possession of another Fogou shack so I just hastily painted it along the rest and it will add a new storey to the ones I already have which is just perfect !

My Fort Kardknox KS also came with these rails for car reparation and since I have a few mechanics They'll finally have some means to access the bottom of the vehicles now !

Just look at the bounty hunters gatherind in front of the gates to find the new wanted posters ! I wouldn't  want to be the guys on these (I would) !

All in all, I'm really chuffed with having that huge chunk of scenery done for my upcoming games (whenever that is) and I know everything (except my mat) looks excactly the way I wanted which may sound silly but matters.
I hope you're all having a great time with your hobby !


  1. Love the paint jobs, and how it all fits together seamlessly. An awesome table to play on for sure!

    1. thanks a lot ! I tend to obsess about what's missing rather than what I have so every now and then it's good to just enjoy, I need to have a proper game with it now though !

  2. Looking good. You've done a great job on the varied but muted colours.

    1. Thanks ! It really is a tricky balance to find between not too eye catching but not too dull. I tend to prefer having models stand so I prefer rather discrete terrain.

  3. Holy heck that’s a lot of excellent additions to your terrain! Love how it all fits together so well, even when some of it is that much older too.

    Congrats on putting together a very solid RT setup. Hope to see you gaming with it soon!

    1. Thanks, there's still a lot of scatter terrain left to do but that's heading the right way !

  4. AS always, well done! Color combos are amazing.

    1. Thanks a lot ! It's always a tricky balance as I want my scenery to be not too eye catching but interesting enough at once.

  5. Damn, that's pretty nice, I can see both Bartertown or Mektown :D I love these pieces


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