Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Factious Wastes - GenCorps field operatives

Following the luddite and neoprimitive I painted earlier, here are a couple of GenCorps field operatives for the Factious Wastes game by Oakbound games.
Those guy obviously have more fancy tech than their counterparts so I decided I wanted them to have the same uniform. It's actually a nice thing to have a man and a woman with basically the same outfit.

The Kickstarter for Factious Wastes is actually live now so go have a look if you like Madmax/2000AD comics/cyberpunk/waste management and all those fancy subjects !

Next on Leadplague, I'll probably have some terrain... or something else, I never know... Something cool again I hope !


  1. Whoa . . . . .whoa . . . . whoa. That's a woman?
    Wheres the nipple armour and oversized breasts?
    Could wargaming be growing up?
    Nice paint jobs by the way.

    1. At least she doesn't have any armour plate on the rear... ^^
      Wargaming growing ? Naaaah.
      Cheers mate.

    2. What can I say? I've always been a leg man... ;)

  2. Not a great fan of the mpinis but the paintjob is more than fine as usual :)

  3. Why the blues, greens and greys work ... I get that. But the fact that you added those seemingly rusted reddish browns on the base truly makes everything pop. Many painters underestimate how the base colors can be a huge influence on the overall colour scheme of the mini itself!

    1. It's a new basing I've chosen since the start of the year to make my sci-fi models blend a bit more in their environment really, the warm touch fits with my usual palette.


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