Friday, 27 March 2015

Limited edition Fimir

After my "girls and beer" hobby hyatus (that would have been around 17 to 21 years old), I quickly decided there would be places I would avoid as much as possible. Amongst those things there were fimir...
Why would I want to avoid them ? Well, they're basically waaaaay too cool and are sought after by a very large number of individuals who make every incarnation of them very expensive. That's the reason why.
I even went as far as to buy some to resell them right away in fear of getting caught in the madness...

But a painter will always be a painter and I have one sweet spot : Jes Goodwin or more precisely the models he's designed over the years. I love almost everything he has done. Amongst those wonders he's produced, there are a few gems and the Limited edition fimir is one of them. What better occasion than the month of Marsh to get to it ?

Painting wise, I opted for a reddish skin tone to enhance the fact they have demonic origins. We get to see many fimirs in green and as always I wanted to stay out of traditionnal ways. I kept the red present in teh jewelry with added bronze and blue to give him a sort of martial look somehow echoing roman troopers.

The people responsible for me painting fimirs (Limited edition on top of that) are :

- Mr Crooks whose blog you should definitely register in your list : Funkywenisrodeo
- His fellow australian compatriot, the Count Von Bruno whose blog I also urge you to follow : Lead or alive

These 2 are gaming partners in a DnD campaign taking place on the Oldhammer Forum but their unlimited kindnesswould make them best qualified as friends really (the sort you never meet but love all the same).

 As far as background is concerned, I suppose many of you already know fimirs are not the most human friendly race one can encounter and their interracialrelationship is based on very awkward grounds.You'll learn more about them than I can ever hope to teach you in Zhu's excellent articles on the origins of fimirs :

Besides, if you want to read about them from their own creator Graeme Davis, you can do so on his BLOG.
You may wonder which were the other ways I didn't mean to explore?
Well, Squats for once :

So that's an epic fail right,
and then Genestealers :

OK, we can call that a fail as well...

Since I have no resolve whatsoever, I can still show you my little fimir amongst some of his friends :

Barbarian girl painted by Bruno
 Oh and my dwarf just won his first combat in the deathspell arena !


  1. He looks a treat JB. Unusual but very effective colour choices, on the armour especially.

    1. Thanks, the enemaled scale mail is a late idea after I did all the skin which looks far warmer in real.It was a way to break this with a cold and subdued colour. the white plates don't contrast much but their red designs help them stand I think.
      Glad you like the unusual colour too

  2. Awesome stuff! That skin is brilliant, and really enhances the overall effect.

    1. Thanks, I love my fimir more on the demon side than on the lizard side so it made more sense that way (that I I like to paint red).

  3. I love this guy JB - OK you started with an iconic sculpt, but I never imagined Fimir as anything other than swamp brown. You've totally changed my view - the dark red, blue, white and gold is beautiful. Really great stuff :)

  4. Oh, I love the sunburst pattern on the pectoral plate too!

    1. Glad you like those colours ! I thought a little change couldn't harm for a while. As it was going to be a "one of a kind" I just had to go where I felt right.

      Thanks !

  5. Great job JB, excellent choice of colours too- the blue hued armour is really nice and the brown makes sense for a creature from the bog.

    Also cheers for the blog plug and kind words!

    1. Thanks Bruno !

      I realise it's an unusual colour scheme but I thought it would work and it seems to do !
      I meant what I rote about you guys and I realise i'll have to give this lad above some friends who've been neglected for a while ;)

    2. We love you too man :)

      I have about a dozen of thos guys and a full set of Fimm's Oakbound minis to do at some many projects constantly jockeying for position!

  6. Really? Really!?! I mean what is the point of me tracking through ancient decrepit usenet archives, ordering out-of-print 1980s collections of redacted celtic myth, just for the cover art, watching endless hours of obscure (well, not really) late night 1970s American comedy shows that are perhaps, only vaguely relevant, if people just end up completely ignoring all the mindbogglingly random historical research completely and just go about painting their Fimir in just whatever colours they like? Pah. Lol! He looks brill, think he needs a couple of Red Orc minions to boss about.

    1. I suppose that's my own very discrete and careful way to revolutionise things ;)
      Graeme commented that though this was an unusual colour, it didn't strike him as a shocking one neither (at least that's what I understood) so I suppose it's not all that wrong.
      Your efforts on understanding where fimirs come from have been appreciated and enjoyed fully believe me. It's because you've explored where they come from we can explore where they could go to...


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