Wednesday 21 February 2024

Turnip Snobs and cultists


So after playing some Turnip28 games back in October with my mate Adrien, I was conquered by the rules and fun of the game and wanted to build myself an army.
Like often, it took me a while to get started, gathering the bits I needed, getting some printed and getting a rough idea of what I wanted as a whole aside from the couple of stuff I wanted to try. 
So after building plenty of models without much of a plan, I decided to focus on the prerequisites of the games : Snobs.

Snobs are your officers, characters of low power but who happen to give orders to your units, thus making sure they're a little more efficient than on their own. The basic game will require 3 Snobs, one Toff (your army general) and 2 Toadies, here to pass commands to other units.
Now I wanted my Toff to be recognisable from a distance so I gave him the fanciest hat and a flying onion messenger because I reckon that fits the whole vibe.

The model itself is a Silver Bainet french captain I had a damaged copy of so you can see side by side the difference in tone between how I approached both games.

Now the toady on the left is a very simple conversion but quite efficient I must say from a plastic French soldier with a Hussar coat and a printed head (with the face of some sort of gross insect and what I painted as onions on the hat), he has a very aristocratic look that really fits the bill. The other on the right is converted from another Silver Baionet model I got free in an order from North Star (thanks North Star).

Now Turnip armies have a very limited selection of troops and the only customisation is the type of weapons you give your troops. However, you can take things a little further by making your army follow cult rules which will usually give you access to unique troop types, special rules or both with a degree of difficulty assigned making it easy for new players to pick easier cults at first and go for more complicated ones later on. 
Several of the cults require extra models so I've decided to make 3 generic characters that can be used as cult models (I loved the leech lovers for instance) so that gives me room and time to build more specific models in the future while still having many options from the start. 

I've decided to go for a particular look on this project, leaving the tufts you often see, the really organic, vegetably look some go for to go with something that fits my style and keeping a couple fo striking visual parts with a more neutral look for the rest. I was quite tempted to go for something monochromatic but couldn't help adding a spot colour to give them some visual impact.
I might get some games in mid March so rigt now I'm trying to get as many units as possible to brig something fresh to the table, I'll develop the lore behind this army when I post the units but it's shaping up in a fun, silly and hopefully effective enough force !

Happy painting you all and eat your greens !


  1. Oh, wow, these are excellent. I love the tone and vibe they instil. Pretty nice work.

  2. Replies
    1. They're ridiculously fun, french accent and armpit farts FTW, thanks mec !

  3. Lurking for a chaos Toilet...nooo... I had the bottom half from donkeys years agao..and had to make the rest from milliput

    1. Actually, the chaos toilets could be great for this project, thanks for the idea !

  4. (Jaeckel en mode je n'arrive plus à me connecter) pas mal pas mal, ces conversions. Il n'y a pas les mêmes avant peinture ? Suis curieux de voir comment tu fais, ça semble bien petit comme échelle 🤔 la peinture est très efficace, ça fonctionne bien !

    1. J'ai peut-être des photos avant, je verrai dans le prochain post en effet car il y a encore plus de conversion pour les troupes.
      L'échelle est du vrai 28 donc pas si petit pour sui peint du vieux citadel.
      La peinture est droit au jut, trop fignoler irait à contresens du sujet amha.
      Merci à toi !


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