Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Summer in the underhive - Necromunda campaign

It's become a sort of tradition amongst my friends going to BOYL to organise a little warming up get together at Warhammer World to enjoy a few linked games.
With the release of Necromunda earlier, it was pretty obvious this would be the one we'd play so we all came up with a gang and Jon/Axiom designed a great campaign for us to meet as many players as possible.
You might have noticed the heat this summer is quite severe so Jon added a taste of it to the campaign to increase the immersive power. Before the games, some gangers would go missing, taken by the heat or some would even become crazy, acting weird(er) to the point of attacking their own friends !

I would be using my Ash waste nomads for this campaign and for the Dracula's America game afterword at BOYL.

Game 1 : Stand Off

For my first game, the Dustfarers would be facing Colin's psyker gang so I tried to come up with a good positionning for my key elements like the Jezzail sniper and the heavy stubber.

After that I tried to keep the rest of the model in a sufficiently sizeable group to protect them.

Colin had decided to give special items and weapons to represent the psychic abilities of his psykers and the smoke screen really helped him progress without getting shot by my scouts.

And that's how the carnage began !

I quickly got outflanked and that's when I realised the dreadful power of flamers and webbers !

I finally bottled out, with far more casualties than my opponent...

Game 2 : Looters

The second game had me facing an alliance between Paul's Ratskins and Jon's Bratts. I had to protect ammo crates so I divided my team into 2 groups guarding 2 of the crates and with clear shots on the other 2.
The heat did take out 3 fighters on each side whiuch wasn't exactly the best position to be in. The reinforcements would have to make it fast !

For some reason, the table we were on had a dead end in which the bratts deploiyed (noone had realised there were no ladders to access upper levels).
My sniper with his long lasgun was holdging the best position, covering a good deal of the table which helped him at least pin most threats.

My reinforcements tried to secure the third crate by taking down the bratts coming...

But bad luck and power swords decided otherwise...

Game 3 : Sabotage

My last game was against Curis and his magnificent pirate crew. The Dustfarers were to protect a pile of important goods the pirates had to destroy. The scenario implied my forces would all start scattered around as sentinels but Curis decided to break the surprise by starting right off with shotgun shots thus raising the alarm !

Uh Oh...

One good thing throughout the WE is that my Jezzail sniper behaved exactly like anticipated, sometimes even proving a bit too efficient.

The real action took place on the western side of the board and that's what I made a terrible mistake in the order I activated my models, I could have made a difference there.

The one thing that did work though is that I managed to maintain the attackers afar and clog them before they could get near the cargo. In combat, it would have taken the pirates far less time to destroy it than with ranged attacks.

In the end, the battle was hard fought, I finally bottled out and since we had exceeded the time limit for quite a while we called it a draw although I had technically won more Victory points, had the game lasted a bit though, I would have been wiped so it seemed fair to shank hands on that although the small difference made Curis's team win in the end !

That really was a perfect introduction to the WE with a game we all know. I'll say it again but I really do fancy this new version of the game (even had the chance to see Andy Hoare popping to our table to say hi !).
To get the results, we headed for Bugman's bar to get a drink and play a bit of Shadespire. I wanted to try my new Stormcast deck which proved to be utterly inefficient against the Drakenator...

What happened next was history and a load of fun so now I'm back, I should try and harness all that enery and ideas for good projects and I do have quite a few in mind !


  1. It was an awesome day of gaming and the start of an amazing weekend.

    I think I have used up all my gaming luck for the next decade!

    1. You didn't use a single drop of luck, it was all talent !

  2. My favourite part of the whole day was seeing all the fantastic warbands that everyone put together. It's always a real treat to see retro figures rubbing shoulders with lovely new ones on great terrain!

    1. So do I, I love how in the end, they all fit nicely on a good looking table and you can just focus on the story unfolding before you !

  3. Very nicely painted figures. I really need to get out to more conventions.

    1. I can't recommend it enough really, that's where I've met my best gaming buddies who have turned into genuine friends now.

  4. Those necro games looked very good. I really like your ash waste nomads. I also like to use the same figures for different rule sets. I look forward to seeing where the mojo takes you.

    1. Playing models throughout different rule sets gives them a bit more depth I find. The Ash Waste have been used a bit now so I'm starting to feel like I need to move on though !

  5. Top les photos, votre table est géniale. Merci les rapports de partie illustrés !

    1. Pour le coup ce sont les tables du Warhammer World mais oui elles sont bien pensées pour le jeu et c'est un régal à jouer, surtout les grosses quand on a l'occasion, je pense que c'est à faire au moins une fois si on est un joueur. ^^

  6. That Necro table must have been so good to play on. Thanks for sharing this one.

    Tried to make it to GW HQ when I was over in July, but it didn't pan out. One day...

    1. We had 4 of those booked and there are plenty more with huge ones that are brilliant for multiplayer games. they're all well designed and look good really.
      Hope you can make it some day, I always enjoy the visit !

  7. awesome looking miniatures on a great looking board. What a great start to BOYL weekend.

    1. It's always nice indeed !
      Thanks mate !


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