Monday 14 May 2018

Oldschool gaming and a french Oldhammer Event !

A bunch of handsome french and belgian oldschool players !
Those last 2 weeks have been pretty packed with hobby in all its forms, from painting to modelling and even more gaming !
I've played a great number of games of all kinds from old to new, quick to long, small to large and all were simply brilliant !
Be warned, this post will cover many games with a stupid amount of photos !
This all started 2 weeks ago when I had the pleasure to fly to Ireland to visit my good friend Sho3box/Cheetor. Seeing him was already delightful but you know how it goes, when in Rome...

That lead us to play quite a lot and I'll cover some of our games in a future post but Today's agenda is about oldschool games and how oldschool is a game of Space Hulk ?
I had never really played the game so we went for the first 2 scenarii. I had to say it was quite stressfull starting a game I barely knew and knowing how brutal it could be...
I used my chaos terminators because they were just perfect for it and it was a little change.

Knock knock...
The first mission is a suicide one, that means managing the fact every single model of yours but one will/might die in game.

After failing a first attempt, I started over and with a few tips from my GM got to finally cleanse the breeding room !

 For the second game we played it seriously with the timer on and the board seemed so huge ! I had the same 5 models and had to kill 30 of the damn genestealers !

I guessed initial placement was the most important thing so tried to cover every single entry point and hoped for the best !

 Even with the timer on, I realised the overwatch allowed me to fire many time in a single turn as long as I didn't jam so keeping spare command points to remove jams and being far enough from corners was the key element.

And that paid because thanks to the tactical advantage the flamer provides, I was able to clear the mission with very few casualties. HURRAY !!!

French Oldhammer day in Metz !

After a quick game of Necromunda 2017 on friday evening, we set up the tables for some good old Rogue Trader. The action would be taking place in Prastok, a remote imperial city whose corrupted governor is plaguing his citizens with all sorts of issues...

However corrupted a city might be, the eye of justice is always watching...

Something wicked in Prastok

Life in Prastok was following its usual path, everyone busy with their own struggle to survive.

 That was until some strangers decided to get in town to exfiltrate some of the citizens that had been in cover the whole time...
Amongst them, a group of Teenage Mutant Ninja Zoats lead by a punkette with a Skaven sensei and a maniac.

 For some reason, a group of squats were following closely.

While some eldar Harlequins were infiltrating the city from the Southern side.

All parties tried to engage the locals to gather some information on where to find their target and if "unusual" events had occured lately...

 "Unusual events" quickly occured actually with some of the citizens transforming into mindless zombies !

The ogryn sort of lost his temper and started engaging the local authorities.

 The robot brought by the TMNZs also tried to reach a forbidden area but he was invited to vacate the premises by an imperial agent.

Unfortunately for the locals, things quickly escalated into a fight between all parties and local authorities.

The ogryn gruesomely died from being unable to get himself out of the web an Harlequin had fired.

And the Harlequins had the all ground covered on top of having their targets secured.

The fight was still raging all over the place though.

And that's when strange things (I mean stranger than zombies popping all over the place) appeared !

A weird and menacing character had appeared from the void next to the transmission relay and he seemed to be summoning more of the creatures !

At some point, despair started to fall on all those present.

 The fighters (well most of them anyway) had kept their initial goal in mind and they were exfiltrating their targets.

The situation seemed desperate until a shot amongst what seemed millions landed into the psyker's head and ended this hellish scene...

They shook them all day long

One week which seemed like a mere hour after the unfortunate events and the hellish events that occured, a new disaster crashed in Prastok... The Mycel Fogs, a cover band of the Mushrowm Klowds.
The band had, in a unexpected feat of intelligence, removed all access to the stage so they could play for as long as they wanted or could...

A few hours was all it took for the people around to gather with murder thoughts and all were determined to end this nightmare one way or another...

But the orks had fans and pretty violent ones...

To remedy the problem peacefully, the vigilantes first opted to crash the power relay despite the strong disapproval of the local authorities. 

For some reason, the skaven seemed very reluctant to the humans shutting down power so they got out from many places using the sewers and engaged the humans.

 Meanwhile, the vigilantes were getting a bit over their heads and were starting to capture citizens to secure them and their belongings...

As soon as the power was shut, some of the citizens started to turn into zombies so the power was quickly turned on again...
There was only one way left to end this torture...

Shooting the orks from a distance proved to be nigh impossible.

But that was until the navigator released a blast of raw warp energy to the fragile brains of the lead singer and guitarist of the band, ending Prastok's worst nightmare so far.

Black or White

Next game was a game of 40k 2nd ed opposing my chaos renegades (split in 2 parts between me and Charles) and a stupid alliance between Space Marines of the Aurora chapter and some Eldar from Alaitoc.

Building the list was a laugh as Charles and I both knew the kind of silly stupid things we wanted to happen. MWAHAHAHA

 Right in the second turn, our level 4 sorcerer managed to place a vortex grenade right in the middle of the board, blocking lines of sight and some scouts in a shack !
Don't know about you but for us it meant a day made and nothing that would happend after that ould matter.

Not even the Dread getting crippled or the Noisemarines falling into some vicious trap.

 Not even utterly losing, we had won in our hearts...

Battle Mech mecs 

You might remember I had painted Mechs right ? Well they got their first game !
Because it was late and we were plenty around the tabe, we first went with Alphastrike, the guys however played the real deal of Battletech the day after with twice more robots !

The Atlas was whistling a song about crushing people...

Everything looked fine for my team with Mandrinon my side this time.

The hunchback was quickly cornered but he felt pretty confident !

The trebuchet got out of the wood to go support him.

 But he couldn't  help the catapult being stomped on by a foe...

And the Atlas would fall into the trap laid by one of those small jumping nightmares that end up in your rear every turn...


On Sunday, Nico, Gil and I got to play a campaign we had had in mind for a while now to see a fight between chaos and order !
The campaign was composed of 2 small skirmishes which would have an influence on the final battle like in the old campaigns.

 And boy we were determined to prove we were on the right side !

The first mission was set during a night when my Norse allies were gathering for the final battle. The Norse commander was resting in the central tent but the Chaos lord had decided to send skaven assassins to slaughter the reinforcements...

Fortunately for me, one of the sentinels, despite not seeing very far in the dark, managed to detect the assassin after his first kill !
Everyone got out of their tents despite not having the time to put their armour on and feeling tired.

The assassin was promptly killed by the guards with the help from 2 champions of Law who were guarding the caravan.

So with the Norse leader alive, that meant the whole Norse force would be here to help and their leader had gain such fame his leadership was reinforced from this.

Now with the Chaos trying such tricks, the forces of order decided to retaliate and attack a baggage which was supposed to bring armour, weapons and food to the chaotic forces.

Joseph Dreed took some archers with him

Meanwhile, some warriors lead by another champion attacked the front of the train to stop it.

Warriors who could or might have been brothers before were echanging violent blows, moved by pure and utter hatred.

The losses on the Lawful side were too severe though and they had to retreat to warn the commandment...

Now was the time for the final battle, the one that would decide if Law or Chaos would prevail over this part of the known world.

Now if you know Nico, you know he's just that sort of fantastic fellow that won't only organise a whole campaign around your models but who will also model a great banner for it !

Now the odds didn't seem in favour of Law to begin with. A champion of Order got turned into a Laful spawn right from the start... :/

But the whole army had been waiting for this moment all the time and noone would get in their way and live...

An atrocious demon prince attacked and wiped the berzerkers right from the start, forcing the general on his Dragon to secure the rear first.

The observation phase didn't last for long and the chaos forces quickly rushed in to engage the Lawful forces who stood valiantly. 

 The anvil was holding so it was time for the hammer to retaliate.

Lord Bemil knew hehad to get rid of the demon prince first to avoid any catastrophy and breach into his flanks.

The Demon of Solkan on the other side of the field had similar plans though and removing the chaos wizard would be a great help.

 The champions got charged by both the minotaurs and the Demon prince. The gods were abandonning them it seemed...

The chaos general and his great banner behind him were pressing the Norse who were falling one after the other while still holding the ground.

The Manticore was meticulously mowing the ranks of the Norse force as well...

And despite a heroic feat of holding the ground facing a demon prince and a horde of minotaurs, there was little hope left for the champions to hold any longer...

The Demon of Solkan was trying its best to counter the powers of the cultists on the other side of the battlefield.

And that was when Lord Belmir engaged the minotaurs from the flank and wiped them from the face of the world.

The Gods were watching and they had witnessed what their champions' worth was, even the most humble were creature got gifted with terrible powers !

Lord Gladius had managed to escape the claws of the Demon Prince !

With Belmir side by side with the Demon of Solkan behind the enemy lines, hope was blooming again, but hope wouldn't win battles, only relentless attacks would settle this now.

There were not many warriors left and only the bravest and fiercest had made it to this point. The great banner of Law was still floating in the wind and it meant everything to the champions of Law.

In one final charge from behind the lines, the Demon of Solkan and Lord Belmir on his Dragon wiped  the Marauders and the chaos lord and his unit of Beastmen !
Both got charged by the remaining monsters but the power of Law was unstoppable at this point.

 Both got out victorious of this epic struggle which could have ended a totally different way on many occasions. Justice and honour were safe for now though...

So this is it !

I know it's one dose of gaming and photos but believe me, the Week End was that intense ! I'd really like to thank the people who were organising the convention, the people passing by to say hi and my partners in crime for being such nice people to play with and just as nice to deal with IRL.

This is honestly why I do what I do, spending some time, energy and money on those bits of plastic and late is only worth to me now if I can share the experience with people I like and in that regard I consider myself pretty lucky !

I have more battle reports coming for more modern games and some scenery I did for this event but my brains were still a bit there so I had to share the experience with you !


  1. What an awesome couple of weeks of gaming! I'm glad you got to head over to Ireland and get some games in with cheetor and otto!

    Then the French Oldhammer Weekend looked amazing, but you always know that will happen when you and Nico are involved.

    I'm really diggin the TMNZ I had done one once before, now those images got me wanting to do the whole gang myself.

    But the icing on the cake was that campaign of chaos vs law! Wow man, and that banner. I can only hope one day Vasken can make it over and get a fight in with those armies. ;)

    1. That's only part of it !
      We had a good time this WE really and we now work well in team so we know what to expect.
      A 3some with Vasken would be pretty outstanding honestly, this has given me the will to expand the army like it should be so I'll be ready !

  2. We'll that was the most awesome amount of awesome that has ever been displayed on ant kind of screen, ever. I am as jealous as is humanly possible.

  3. That was quite a moment. Wish i had time to watch the WFB campaign with those tremendous armies.

    Thanks for the kind words, the reports and the ride to Metz buddy!

    1. It really was a pleasure to have you on board the whole time !

  4. Excellent looking games! Full of oldschool spirit!

    1. We tried to channel the best of the oldschool spirit !
      Thanks !

  5. Wow JB! All of those games you participated in look amazing. It's great to see you getting to play with some of your recently completed miniatures.

    A few questions: Who painted up those squats? Are there any better pictures of them? Does the dude have a blog?

    Excellent stuff Jb, thanks for sharing the pics and stories with us.

    1. The squats were painted by Mandrin, he doesn't blog but we've taken pics of his models last year and there's a link to his youtube channel :

      Getting to push the models we've painted really is the icing on the cake.

    2. Thanks for the link JB. He is a dab hand with the brush isn't he. Certainly knows how to push those highlights to the limit without going OTP.

  6. Every weekend should feature Spawn of Law and Mushrööm Klöwd cover bands.

    Looks like a phenomenal weekend. I get a kick out of seeing those Battlemechs painted and in action after being up on blocks for decades too.

    1. People got webbed, cows exploded, there were many laughters and that spirit we fancy so that was ideal really.
      I was glad to get those mechs on the table although I must say I'm not exactly the best mech general around and they didn't perform much. ^^

  7. Viva La French Oldhammer!!!!

    That was just too fricking awesome!!!!!!!

    1. It really was cool and worth the stress before to get scenery done !

  8. Nice minis, great friends, maximum entertainment !
    Loved the fantasy battle report ;)
    Our little hobby is highly social and having the opportunity to meet new friends and battle with old ones as well is always the source of great moments.

    1. It's nice to have a bucnh of people you know and enjoy the company of to share the hobby with.
      It's slowly building into a real community and will enable us to be a bit more ambitious hopefully !

  9. Great looking games! How is it possible that you played so many games with fully painted miniatures and terrain? 😉 The figures for the Champions of Law vs Chaos were amazing.

    1. How is it possible ? I just can't imagine things any other way. ^^
      I have to say the Law Vs Chaos fight delivered big time.
      Thanks Sean.

  10. A delicious display of gaming and fun. Seeing that DM dragon swooping in for the kill brings a happy tear to mine eye. Law is raw!

    1. Mec, he did everything you'd expect from him, first giving his leadership around and then going behind enemy lines to breathe fire , cause terror and massacre foes. Textbook dragonning.

  11. This is one humongous post filled with great photos with accompanying batrep that's interesting to read to boot.

    1. Thanks, I realise it is a bit overloaded but I was really thrilled by this WE. ^^

  12. There's sooo much here to comment on!

    What I find really heartnening is seeing those BattleTech minis stomping round the board. Their scale makes the terrain feel so much more grandiose and sweeping. Really pleased to see them in action.

  13. Greetings! Just a note to say the excellent Chaos vs. Law battle report has been nominated as one of the The Greatest Battle Reports of 2018 Award. Voting is now open to determine the final winner, and the voting form, along with the other great nominations is here. Good luck!


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