Wednesday 15 October 2014

The Journey of a necromancer...

Let's start with a fitting soundtrack

Times are hard for a poor old necromancer... 
The battle of the maisontaal abbey... what a waste... what a shame...

Heinrich Kemler has recently heard about the return of Nagash and the coming end of times. Maybe he can still find a little place in this world, maybe he can regain some of his past glory...

It's time to move on if you want to take your piece of the pie...

- "Excuse me sir ! Would you know about anyone looking for the services of a skilled necromancer ? I've had my days in the past and I can still summon a... "

- "Now get outta here ! Can't ya see I'm harvestin' souls ! Watcha think granps ! We're all lookin' for a job ya moron !"

- "Gosh, what a rude person !, Excuse me sir would you mind showing me the way to the closest cemetary or crypt? Or failing that to the closest world conquering evil doer? I happen to be a great necromancer , my name is Hein..."

- "Could you please move away sir? I'm trying to practice my wight summoning here, there's a casting for the end of times, Lord Nagash is recruiting."

- "Oh right sorry about that."

- "Eeerrrrm, 'scuse me ...sir? I couldn't help but notice you're a liche and I just happen to be a lichemaster you know? I thouht maybe..."

- "................."

- "oh, I see, you're busy and you're to attend the casting for the end of times right... see you later then...

- " Errm HI ! My name is..."

- " Yo soy un cabalero de la muerte"

- "you what ? oh screw that, forget about it"

- "Sorry guys, I'm Heinrich Kemler... the LICHEMASTER ! doesn't ring a bell ? La maisontaal anyone? Helllooooo !"

- (from the fornt of the line) "Stay in the line granps !"

- "Finally my turn ! Well Hello, let me introduce myslef, my name is Heinrich Kemler freelance necromancer, you may have seen me at the Maisontaal abbey or other famous battles. I am known as "the lichemaster" in the business and I..."

- "Kemler you ssssssay? We already have thissss name..."

- " Well I'm sure there is a mistake, I AM Heinrich Kemler, I've retired for a time but now I am back and I'm 100% ready to storm the world and turn it into a realm of undeath and..."

- "Call in the other Kemler !"

- " WHAT ! you have to be kidding me ! How dare YOU come here and use my name ! Have yo seen yourself really, look at those shoulder pads and all, look at that staff ! gentlemen, The person you have here is a fraud ! Just look at him for a second and you'll see how he is just showing off in fancy attire and how his power pales before mine ! Tell them who you are you piece of shit !"

- "Dude, dude, take it easy man ! Cool down will ya? I know it seems hard but those guys, they're recruiting for Nagash ya know ? And let me tell you he's not the guy you used to know, it took everyone by surprise but now it's all about skulls and all. He comes up with some real weird shit you know..." 

- "Nagash? naaah, I know he's always been a little wacko but he's a good bloke !

- "So he was man, he used to make this weird face all the time to make us laugh I know but now he's become real gloomy. I think he's high most of the time !

- "You kidding? Nagash?"

"Good Morning gentlemen, can I help you? Have you two been selected after the casting?"

" Ermm, no no, my friend here is, I was... just passing by...

"Funny, your face looks familiar..."

"Just what the HELL ! , what is wrong nowadays ! Damn, this place is silly, I better move on to somewhere cool. "


Yeah I know, this is merely showing off the fact I scored a lichemaster, right ! As the model is soon leaving for the new world I couldn't help but use him for a little story at least, that way I can say I played with the real LIchemaster at least once, you can understand that right ?

While we're at it, would you be kind enough to have a look at my friend Porkaborg's new blog : YOUNG LEAD. He's a talented painter and a real connoisseur when it comes to old models !
Just take a look at the warband he did for the oldhammer Realm of Chaos challenge :


  1. Young Lead needs a follower gadget! Nice score getting the original HK by the way.

    1. Told him so, I know ;)

      Thanks about Heinrich, he won't stay long in France though he's heading for the USA at the end of the week which is why I felt compelled to play a little with him beforehand.

  2. Very amusing post JB :)

    Why are you passing on THE MAN?

    I remember seeing his warband way back when. Glad his got his own blog now.


    1. Thanks, I'm letting Heinrich go because I have enough necromancers already (as you can see) and I'd rather have models I'm going to paint at some point.
      Porkaborg's warband is astonising and cinsidering the amount of time we had, I wonder what he's going to come up with with plenty of time !

  3. Gahaha. You should paint up an all necromancer warband! The Hatefull Dead!

    1. Matt, you did it. You really did.

      I was all about RT and finishing some chaos but "the Hateful dead"... I'm making an undead warband ASAP now, I have th efigures, I have th epaint, I have the skill to make it. Thank you.

  4. Funny, that. Both the post and this: In all the time I've had both Lichemasters, its never crossed my mind to put them next to each other and compare them! So, thanks for doing that. Kemmler is much bigger than Kemler - much more than I would have thought. Well done to whoever in the States has secured a lichemaster - I'm sure the trading was good!

    1. There's a bias because Old Kemler is sort of crouching whereas not-so-old Kemler is standing straight (what a poser).
      The really nitersting part is taht older Kemler is not as "flat" a model as not-so-old is, did citadel forget how to cast complicated models for a time? Not-so-old Kemler has the signature flat pose of the red era which may be a sign of the little time the sculptors had to do their job... don't know

      Don't you worry about Old Kemler, he's going to a perfect good home, couldn't have wishe dto send him to a better one really ! What I got in return wil lbe painted and will prove far more useful to me than another necro so everybody wins !


  5. Hahaha , very funny history.....Nagash is really ....on other "level" this days..... :P

    1. No wonder why oldhammer is getting popular.

  6. Original one is Kemler, second ed. is Kemmler, with two "M".
    By the way, THE lichemaster is one of my favourite minias

    1. Oh so 4th ed was not all about "MOAR SKULLZ" but about "moar m's" too then? ^^
      Joke aside spelling consistency has not always been GW's strongest asset (thinking about brats/bratts).

      It is a nice model but it will be far much better in the hands of its new owner !


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