Thursday, 31 October 2013

Why do the easy way, what you can do the hard way? An ode to oldhammer

Let's face it, we are lucky. We have the opportunity to have a hobby (not everybody does, and we should remember it sometimes...) but even more than this, we are lucky enough to have chosen a hobby with so many aspects that we can lose ourselves totally in it without ever getting the chance to accomplish a tenth of what we'd want to!

What is the thing that lead me to thinking about this? Simple, a super deal on ebay which got me to get my hands on 21 gorgeous models for only 30£ with PnP included :

I can imagine that fellow oldhammeres are starting to salivate while normal people are starting to worry about my mental sanity (did he really buy that pile of crap for 30£?).

See, that is one part of this hobby. I'm like the regular lot and sometimes I like to have some good time kitbashing whatever I find on sprues (the term is getting rather popular at the moment so if GW starts using it so am I).
But sometimes, I need to have old lead just because some of these old models just happen to have poses and expressions no conversion job or no kitbashing will ever achieve. No aspect is superior to the other, it's just I'm not looking for the same pleasure in each case. While I'll developp on kitbashing and converting plastic, this time I'll share my joy of old lead with you because this very deal I made recently sums it all :

First, the lot has some models I didn't even know before :

It also contained models that I would never have wanted but which will prove either good resting paintjobs or good trade fodder

Lats but not least : I'll have the surprise to discover new models still hidden under thick layers of whatever the previous owner seemed to be able to apply :

Looks like we have some Imperial guards here, I just can't imagine why the guy would take the trouble to paint hair when he had already drowned the whole face under paint ...

Never seen these 2 before but they look realy nice, I'm expecting a lot from them when stripping is done.
Hopefully, the tab reads "three-eyes" because just looking at the face wouldn't  make it obvious we have a mutant here...

I saved the best for the end with what appears to be a squat with a stub gun. I remember a friend of mine who used to paint like this in '91 but I had always hoped he was the only one, well, looks like he had a british counterpart...
Any guess (or bets) on how many liters of acetone and brushes I'll use on this one?

I'm welcoming any hint or clues to identify these miniatures, I have to admit apart from the obvious ones, there are a few that didn't ring any bell... People who come up with help on these will have first call on any trades from this lot.

Now, reasonable people will just consider how many plastic miniatures I could have assembled for 30£ and the time to strip all of this and they probably would be right... However I like my hobby to be unreasonable sometimes.


  1. Nice haul! It'll look even better when you strip off the slathering of paint. Some RT mercenaries there for starters. Couple of Judge Dredd minis too. That was a good deal!

    1. Naaah, that's cheating ! Guessing what they are before stripping is so much more fun !
      I recognised the Olley squats and Iron claw pirates plus RT pirates too and some of the impreial guard. The goblin is a no-brainer too but some others are quite tricky.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. If you follow this link and scroll down to the jd3 muties you'll see you've got a couple out of that set and at least one from the perps. Good haul! Get stripping

  3. and at least a couple from this set

  4. In photograph two you have, from left to right, a Paranoia Troubleshooter miniature with heavy weapon, an imperial army/guard sniper, and a judge dread miniature. He was a Perp miniature, and I think his name was Blaster Bellamy or something similar, and was named after a famous bearded English TV Botanist of the 1960s to 90 called David Bellamy.

    Photo three is of a Mercenary, Plundering Pete, who is on page 65 of the Rogue Trader Rulebook shooting an Ork. Top right is a space thug adventurer.

    Photo four is another Mercenary, Kylla Condotti, who was also one of the first pre release Rogue Trader miniatures. He ended up in a lot of Imperial Guard army pack too.
    The other model is a later 1980's Gretchen, about 1989..

    Photo five, again another Merc, this time Mad Morris. He is also very similar the first Imperial Army Jet Bike rider, on the MK14 Bullock Jetbike.

    Photo six is a Merc, Old World Jack. He should have a bump on his back so you can add a metal space marine backpack. He’s on page 65 of the rulebook too, getting shot by an Ork!

    Photo seven are another of the Merc/first release/Imperial Guard miniatures.

    Photo eight a Broken Judge Dread Perp.

    Finally Photo nine are Bob Olley Iron Claw Squats, and a 1989 Imperial Guard Ratling.

    Most of the other ones in the first photo are as you say Iron Claw Pirates/Mercs, or they GW range.

    Hope this helps. For £30 that is a nice group of miniatures, even if they have been abused with paint! Good to see them painted up :)

    1. Also, the miniature in the middle of the first photo with the pistol is a Rogue Trader Imperial Army/Guard Trooper designed by the Perry's/ Aly Morrison

  5. Holy Cheese ! I come back from lunchbreak and what do I see? some superhuman model-fu at work,
    @Hairyscot : looks like you're fresh form you little laddish expedition you ccm-fu is still sharp...thanks !
    @Goblinlee :Wow, with all the links and all, there not much to sa now, thanks a lot, I'm really impressed

    Kudos to you my friends. I'll strip them good and take decent pictures of them naked.

  6. Yes, I admit it. Started salivating :)
    Great find. Seems you have got you hand on some e.g. really cool JD minis (seems already sorted out what you got). Perfect for a few warbands to defend against your Khorne and soon to be Eldar warbands/armies

    1. I knew a man of such good taste as yourself would salivate seeing this...
      I've been collecting adventurers for Rogue trader for quite some time for a confrontation camapign I have in head and I think now I can seriously start building my temas/gangs with what I have so far. Building small warbads like these should be very time effective I think.
      They'll have tough time fighting between themsleves but no doubt the RT eldars will point their ears in when the time comes...

  7. What a great lot you picked up there! I am very jeolous of your space thug! I've been looking for one of them for ages - they don't appear that often and when they do come up, they're often not properly listed. Great haul!

    1. Nearly finished strippin today and I found lots of nice surprises in this lot (including this space thug). I'll show the "after" picture whih will be quite shocking considering the amount of piant on the "before" picture.



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