Monday, 4 November 2013

Demon of the fall - Battle chaos part 29

If you need some music with this post, may I suggest either :

 or Vivaldi's Autumn but it feels far more wood elvish to me...

Anyway, here's my entry for October's painting challenge at the oldhammer forum. It was built with no true purpose at first but just to use some bits I had here and there and as I was building it, I realised it could fit in many slots. 
In can be a vargulf in my undead army if I play it in 8th ed but it can also be a minotaur lord in any chaos army. What interests me the most with this guy though is the opportunity to play it as a Malal Demon Prince.
When Malal got in the way, I reconsidered the whole model and made a few changes : 
  •  I added the chaos star stone at his feet to show he's sort of desecrating some sort of chaos altar or temple.
  • I changed its head for a bestial head with as many teeth as I could to fit the description of Malal's greater demons.
  • I chose the head of a chaos hound with half his face ripped to make a reflection on Malal's device being a black and white skull. (the background behind this guy is that he has ripped his own flesh in a self destructive manner befitting Malla very well I think).

Here are slightly better pics than the atmospheric ones. I tried to keep a very limited palette working with only black, white, red and brown (maybe a few metallics here and there) to tie evreything.
Since we are in October, I also got inspired by Goblin Lee's wood elf army and decided to base this one on an autumnal base with red leaves instead of green ones.
The base is decorated with ground tea instead of the classic static grass and I added some birch seeds to make fallen leaves here and there. the colour of both tea leaves and birch seeds is not to my liking so I consider colouring the seeds and change my basing technique to make the tea leaves stantd out but that will be for another project...

Malal dmeon prince aka giant werewolf aka Varghulf
The model was build around the plastic chaos spawn model and this left me with lots of holes in his back. I decided to sculpt some demonic faces in them to represent the souls of his foes trapped in his flesh. My inspiration for thoses faces are oldshool as can be, since I tried to copy the dmeonic faces on the chaos sorcerors rnage and those on the palanquin.

close up o nthe demonic faces

And a little view to show the base and leaves :

Some things that could be better are the hands which are a bit too large (giant hands), I should also add some blood on the lance since it's piercing him. Anyway, he's fine by now and it has given me the will to build a proper Malal Greater Demon !

Oh and by the way, here's what appeared under all that nasty paint after 2 stripping sessions with acetone (for the "before" picture, link to the previous post) :

Now I feel in a "finishing" mood so next models are going to be all that has been on the painting range for too long.



  1. What an amazing result! I really love what you got there, great work :)

    1. Thanks ! Did I ever tell you you have very good taste? :D
      Glad some people appreciate this.

  2. Nice conversion! Spawn + chaos hound + giant? Like the details you have added like the faces in the back and the arrows. Cool!

    Nice stripping - look like new


    1. Spawn + chaos hound + giant + chains/clothes and chaos star stone from the terminator lord. The feet are metal and come from Archaon's mount.(there has to be metal somewhere).
      The stripping was a pure joy, seeing all this goodnss come to life again, some are still in the "dip" but next WE will be the need. I discovered some new favorites and will add some to the trading list to get even more !

      Thanks Hans

  3. Just saw this, absolutely fantastic! I really enjoy your imagination as well as your technique.Rock on!

  4. That is a nice compliment. It certainly motivates to go this way.
    Thanks a lot.


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