Thursday, 17 October 2013

(Com)Passion and Warfare - Battle Chaos Part 27

Howdy guys,

Compassion and warfare it is today. Warfare, you know about it, the idea is very simple : shoot/kick/punch/stab the other guy(s) in front for whatever reason you can find. And when it gets to this, you want the best. In the warhammer multiverse, the best you can get is khorne worshippers, simply because that's their job, hobby, and when they get home, they even get some more because battlefields are their home.
I suggest you hire this guy if you have some warfare around (for over situations, maybe you can hire the A-team). This one packs both fantasy and sci-fi goodness with a demonic face and a scorpion tail just so that you know he's not here for the tea. The guy even has the severed skull of his first date hanging form his belt.
I love his bluntness, and his "you're next" attitude. Both weapons are in the air just like if he's asking to himself with which one to slay you (realising he can slay you with both at the same time for added fun). 
At the end of the day, when you sit in your couch with a cup of tea, a newspaper and you chat with your wife, this guy takes a big bag and takes all the skulls he can to Khorne's throne, whistling and shooting people in the face.

Khorne champion with face of a bloodletter

Now this comes to the compassion part of this post. Thanks to Subedai (check out his blog) I recentlly bought a lot on ebay which at first seemed a bargain but finished just at a reasonable price. anyway, its a lot with 4 rogue trader renegades and many horse and undead horse parts. 

What striked me the most was that the description contained a little history about what the guy had intended to do without doing it. From what you can see here, it's pretty obvious :

But I don't know why, it just gave me the will to do exactly what the guy had meant to but couldn't. 
let's be honest and admit that renegades on horses are quite ridiculous. BUT, renegades on undead horses is far less ridiculous when you think about it. So how about undead mutant mechanoid horses? Isn't that what true chaos renegades are fit to let their sweet buttocks on?

A 4 rider unit is not an option in my book (well maybe in the bible OK), thanks to Count Von Bruno from the oldhammer forum, I was able to get my hands on a fifth rider. But a little search in the bits box reminded me I also happened to have casualties :

They both miss several limbs but there's nothing some new parts and a little green stuff can't fix.

So here it is ladies and gents, the next project about to come to life on my table : a 7 strong rider unit of chaos renegades on creepy mutated undead mechanised horses. All parts have been gathered and prepared and now comes the assembling step (my favourite).

As far as rules are concerned, they will be simple riders on my RT list and bikers on my 6th ed list. More to come on these guys.

Oh and I believe we're halfway through Orctober so expect some green in a not too distant future...


  1. Beautiful work on the Khorne champion and a nice project with the ebay stuff. I look forward to seeing it.

  2. Thanks, I do look forward to doing it !


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