My Chaos Renegades

Chaos has always been a passion for me since I first read teh Realm of Chaos books (back in 1990-91 I think) For this reason I've always wanted to have a huge chaotic force. This had begun with a weird army evolving as editions passed by. 

You can read about this first army HERE.

Though this amry still presses all the nostalgia buttoins in my heart, it does not fulfill what I want.
To achieve this, I first started to collect all the Rogue Trader chaos models I could find. This took some time and help but I finally did it as you can see in these posts :

A chaos Drednought along the other I had just unboxed :

Which made the force look like teh start of what I was aiming at :

To these I added a squad of 6 terminators

A squad of 9 androids

And a chaos Grav-attack :

Now with those additions I was able to finally play with them and have a game of WH40k 2nd edition.

This is definitely not the end of the army as barely a third of it is painted so far but I'm liking the result. I know I've made some pretty extreme choices regarding the paintjob and colourchoice but I'm liking hhow it looks on the table and the result/effort ratio is good for me.

More to come ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Far more to come, oh yes, far more to come ;)

  2. Hey there, I'm loving your Chaos Rogue Trader army! I'm currently aseembling one of my own and it's very inspirational. I'm also doing a black colour scheme, but with details picked out in yellow and blue. I was wondering if you could tell me (or point me to a page where you explain) how you painted the black armour of your marines? Thanks very much!

    1. thanks a lot ! I've given a quick tutorial fo rthe black in this post :

      It can be used for many othe ruses and it's real simple !

    2. Great - thanks for that! I do appreciate a simple paint scheme! One more question for you, could you please tell me what the weapon on the belt of the model in the far right of your photo here is?

      I love the model, but I'm not including any CSM with flamers in my army list, so I'm wondering if I can use him in my army. On the other hand, I'm hoping to include two Rogue Trader Renegade models with meltagun in my army list, but I haven't yet seen one of those models appear on eBay. I guess I'll just have to be patient. Is that where you found your melta Renegade?

    3. Think it's a flamer yes, don't have the model around now. I think you can use him as is since he's not even holding the weapon.
      I've gathered the renegades from so many sources I can't tell but I usually stay away from ebay, most of my trades are done on FB and forums.

  3. OK good to know! Thank you

  4. Go great! I love the dark colour scheme!

    1. Cheers, black has got to be the most evil colour of them all right ?

  5. Awesome! i allways read this blog when i need some inspiration!
    PD: Can you share, or make a post about your method of the painting scheme?

    Cheers! Joel

    1. Thanks !
      The method for black is quite easy and explained in this tutorial :


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