Monday, 21 October 2013

Juggernaut, lack of personnality and some green teaser - Battle Chaos Part 28

Today's champion is the Juggernaut. He has the head of a juggernaut and hence has the most fearsome headbutts you can find in the wastes. I imagine his axe is merely here to chop cadavers and bring the skulls back to Khorne's throne. Even is mace tail sweats blunt force.
I really like the fact he shares his whole body woith Mr Bloodletter head from my previous post and though gives a totally different feeling.
Still not much on funky painting or markings, he is one of the champions I purposedly left with little marking to have a "clear" unit, while some other models get more attention and colours (an dare yet to be seen as you've understood).

Khorne champion with the face of a Juggernaut

 Another thing that got my attention lately is this whole wet palette thing, this is mostly because I have absolutely no personnality and I am totaly influencable. Thanks to Paradoxon's and Sean's review lately, I decided to make a step towards technologically enhanced painting.
One minute after I made this decision I had already cut a thin sponge, put it in a plastic case and added some baking paper on top (with water where needed). And Bob definitely was my uncle.
I tried it right away and loved even quicker. The only drawback I find is that I will use making paper a lot now (not good for mother nature and it costs money even if not a lot), but apart from that I have to say it's been a real pleasure to be able to use the same mix for over 2 hours. The day after the mix was not even completely dy! Another good thing too is that is tends to dilute your paint a bit more than you normally would which is absolutely perfect (I still tend to not dilute paint enough).

1 minute to build + cheap parts = best painting ally since devlan mud/badab Black

My wet palette
 Oh and for you people who've commited to Orctober, here's some teasing. It's my first time painting orks (or orcs) and and I'm having incredible fun, I'm even leraning quite a few things and I've upgraded my skills abit on these, still WIP but the final result shall be right on time for the end of the month...

You like my rear? wait to see my front and my frineds huhuhu


  1. Stormboyz of Khorne FTW! Looks great so far! I left mine on a bus in Nottingham ca. '97 and I am still raging inside.

    1. I made the mistake myself but I've been told that these are actually skarboyz. Losing models this way is hard, I understand, if I could go back ni the past and kick asslessboy's butt into not losing models this way, I definitely would...

    2. Ah yes, this is the most Stormboy looking-dest of the Skarboyz. Well, I lost those too, and they were even painted.

    3. I agree, this guy has "khorne stormboy" written on his face though he has skarboy written on his tab... :D
      I'm sorry for your loss and it saddens me to know how much good lead gets lost every year...

  2. Nice deep red om the Champion! Thought many time to try out a wet palette but never got round to it. To keep the colors wet can't be anything but a really good idea - hard to quit old habits though.


  3. Thanks !
    I have to say though I'm sometimes reluctant to changing my old habbits, I gave it a try because I had all the parts under hand. I have to say it came very handy considering it took only 1 minute to build. It might be very good for your painting style . Trying it is not very hard nor expensive so you don't risk anything here.
    Anyway, you're already too good to need such things to improve ;)

  4. The champion and orc look good. Thanks for the mention, I'm glad the wet palette worked for you.

    1. Well I have to say you made it look so easy I gave it a try, just to realise it was even easier than I thought !'ve managed to paint without it for 23 years but I have to say it will be a great help especially for batch painting.


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