Monday, 14 October 2013

In hot blood - Battle Chaos Part 26

Today's champion is one I like a lot and always have. I love hime so much it's actually the second version I have (the first one ended sawn in many pieces which I may show just to prove how a single chaos champion can provide so much awesomeness to so many models)
I kept very close to the original paintjob I had done some 20 years ago apart from the thick enamels I used at the time.
I'm still not very happy with the photo which gives a bright flat red wheras the real paintjob has a more red to orange contrast (looking more oldschool actually) but anyway.

The sword has been painted to look like a frost sword with frost coming out of the guard.

Khorne champion with horns and frostblade.
 The shield has some fancy freehand with a device you might have seen in a previous post. It's not excatly clear from the photo but I used the boss of the shield to make the eye stand out. I may give it a gloss coat to make it shine a bit more.


I tried to find some of his other incarnations like the one from the combat cards (also seen in the Slaves to Darkness books). This version is really good if you forget that horrible lipstick. The flame pattern on the leg armour is reaaly good though (I copied that on the mechanical champion earlier if you remember). Mayb it's not make up and it's just he's been licking his red hot sword just coming out of the forge but anyway, its looks awkward.


Funny to see ow on some illustrations, details of the model are shown but in another way. the skull sympbol on this picture is on the actual model but in the drawing it looks like a jewel planted in the forehead whereas on the moel it looks like some hot-iron marking. I wonder if the illustratyions were made beforehand, after or at the same time as the models where sculpted?

That's all for now but we still have some other chmapions to see, plu swe're still in Orctober and can hopefully expect some news from that front...


  1. Another good one! Like the freehand you have done to the crotch protection. Looks good and really good idea! Maybe you should have added some lipstick as well ... ;)

    Taking photos is a hassle. Especially getting the right colors. I changed my set-up recently trying out a black background and then having two white papers on the left and right side. This did improve colors.


  2. Well I chose poorly shaved over make-up this time, when I'll get top the slaanesh chmpions maybe you'll see more lipstick though ;)
    I'm about to move ome to a different place with more place to build a good setup for photos so let's hopeit will improve.


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